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10 Reasons to Take a Teacher Training… Even If You Don’t Want to Teach!

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10 Reasons to Take a Teacher Training… Even If You Don’t Want to Teach!

You have been practicing yoga consistently for the last few months or even years and you are feeling great! You feel strong and flexible and you are aware of the new changes you are experiencing, less stress, better posture, and inner calmness. But, you have many questions. “How is it that this pose helps me with anxiety?” “What does Om mean?” You may not be inspired to become a yoga teacher at the moment but you definitely are ready to grow in your practice and learn more about the beauty of yoga. Signing yourself up for a yoga teacher training is just the step in the right direction you need even if you don’t want to teach yoga. Below are 10 reasons to take your practice to the next level and take a teacher training.

  1. Personalize your practice with Yoga philosophy

Aside from browsing books in the yoga studio in between classes you can personalize your practice by attending teacher training. You will immerse yourself in the basic principles of yoga philosophy. The Bhagavad Gita may serve as your go to text along with many recommended readings for you to dig into during and after training. As you explore ancient stories and the deepest levels of your consciousness through the yogic
path you will surely have a deeper insight into your own practice with the support of your knowledgeable teachers to answer your questions.

  1. Learn proper and healthy pose alignment

Inhale lengthen, Exhale twist! You hear these different cues to align your body in yoga class but taking a teacher training will give you the opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge of healthy alignment that will assist you in getting deeper into your practice without causing injuries. As you continue to practice with proper alignment you will prevent injuries and learn the anatomy of the human body while turning your practice up a notch.

  1. Learn Yoga pose benefits

Detox, balance, and strengthen. You will discover the many benefits of each pose during teacher training. You will explore how twisting in your practice helps you to detox your body while backbends relieve you from stress and anxiety, and so much more! Not only do you go in depth about the benefits of the pose but you discover modifications and variations of the same pose for each level of your practice.

  1. Understand the Sanskrit language and proper pronunciation

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” –Mahatma Gandhi

It is always fun to learn something new! Yoga teacher training is the perfect environment to do so. Sanskrit is the original sacred language of India. You know those words you hear in your yoga class: Tadasana, Uttanasana, Natarajasana, well you will learn the Sanskrit names of each yoga pose as you develop a yoga sequence.

  1. Deepen your yoga practice

If you have been practicing yoga for a while now then you know that yoga is a transformational practice, from the physical practice to your energetic resonance and consciousness; you have felt this shift. Yoga teacher training is a life changing experience that will leave you in a better state than when you began. As you learn all of the healthy alignments, benefits, proper pronunciation of Sanskrit words, anatomy, attend workshops and practice teach to your fellow classmates you begin to realize how this knowledge helps you in your everyday life outside of teacher training and a regular yoga practice. You may not have known the ethical guiding principles of yoga before taking teacher training. The yamas (the self- regulating behaviors involving our interactions with others and the world) and niyamas (personal practices that relate to our own inner world) which keep us aware of living our yoga off the mat are essential to deepening your practice on a spiritual level.

  1. Connect with like- minded individuals

Find your tribe. Surrounding yourself with people that are on the same path as you can be completely rejuvenating to your soul. Not only are you learning, practicing, and studying together but you just might meet your new best friend or make connections that will last a lifetime, and encourage you to progress to the next level in your growth. I have found through my own experience that these friends are my tribe, they are my support system when I would have otherwise went back into my comfort zone, they inspire me and challenge me. I can call on them for advice, to just talk chakras and meditation, when the next teacher training or festivals are, or how our handstands and backbends are coming along.

  1. Become a part of a community

Yoga means union. Choosing where to complete your teacher training is an important part of the process. There are so many options that you can choose from but if you follow your inner guidance as you choose you will know that you are amongst your tribe. Your community will be a foundation of support as you continue to grow in your yoga practice. Think of it as where your roots are formed. It is important that you do your training in a place where you feel supported and nurtured, where you feel that your growth is important, and that once you complete training that you are always welcomed back with open arms.

  1. Develop your voice

Red Leather, Yellow Leather. Repeat that three times fast! Tongue twisters will get you talking. You will develop and strengthen your voice as a teacher, even if you decide not to teach yoga you will be well informed about sequencing a class, the importance of alignment, and adjustments. When you are asked about the benefits of yoga practice you can share knowledge from a credible background. If you are naturally shy person this is a great experience for you to learn how to confidently project your voice and know how the tone of your voice makes an impact during communication.

  1. Challenge yourself mentally and physically

Yoga is not just about the asanas (physical postures). Although you strengthen your body and     stretch your muscles to become more flexible, there is more than the physical practice of yoga. You have an energetic body which is a layer around the physical body. The purpose for practicing these physical asanas is to maintain care of the energetic body and the mind as well. During yoga teacher training you will physically move beyond limits as you practice yoga often and try new poses, you challenge your mind to break free of limiting and fearful beliefs.

  1. Gain confidence

Speaking in front of a room full of people and guiding them through a yoga practice can be an intimidating conquest at first thought but during your teacher training you are constantly getting out of your comfort zone. You are projecting your voice and holding space for others to experience change on their yoga mat. You begin to gain confidence as an individual because you continuously do things that you are afraid to do. The moments where you feel nervous or intimidated you will be amongst supportive teachers and fellow students that will encourage you to grow and give you constructive feedback, which in the long term helps you in other areas of your life.

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