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Tour the colorful capital of Russia: Moscow

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Tour the colorful capital of Russia: Moscow

Moscow is an interesting city, with intriguing history. Like walking into Candy land, its domes of spiraled colors swirl in glistening, crisp sun. Its green spaces refresh the metropolitan city and parade tourists into a  whirlwind of history, religion and art.

Russian’s capital city has much to offer the traveler looking for a culturally enriching experience intertwined with history lessons around each corner. With Russian customs and traditions being different than most, a person will get a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Moscow.

The Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin, largest fortress in Europe, is a collection of historical cathedrals, palaces, and museums that convey Russia’s immense history. Having been painted white until the early 1900s to preserve the red brick, fortification saw the exposure of the beautiful underlay that now colors the Kremlin rusty red.

Explore the Kremlin in detail

Saint Basil Cathedral

From the 16th century, this is the most significant piece of Old Russian architecture. It is actually recognized as nine unique churches in one coherent complex. Fun colors make Basil one of the most unique cathedrals on earth; the inside is just as neat, painted extravagantly, not to disappoint. Meant to symbolize the heavenly city, it looks like we can look forward to fun and whimsicalness.

To explore touring Saint Basil

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