5 Days Vitality Juice Detox
5 Days Vitality Juice Detox - trip advisor rating

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5 Days Vitality Juice Detox

- This yoga retreat is available all year round -

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are alive with energy. They contain enzymes, vitamins and minerals that help balance the pH (alkaline-acidity) of the body. Enzymes are especially beneficial for digestion. However, they begin to die with time, heat and stress, forcing our body to use its own digestive enzymes. Drinking juices is a great way to take advantage of viable enzymes without exhausting our own reserves.

Yoga retreat highlights:

  • Accommodation in a serene & quiet environment
  • Daily Yoga practice
  • Energize yourself with fresh fruit & vegetable juices
  • Rest your digestive system & speed up the growth of new cells
  • Clean and detoxify the bloodstream


Orion Healing Center is set in a natural tropical garden full with butterflies and exotic flowers. The tranquil and friendly environment of the centre and surrounding village allows all guests to feel completely at ease.

Srithanu Village on Koh Phangan island, Thailand, has become a hub for yogis and those on their spiritual journey. The area attracts healers, teachers and students alike who all come together to create a real community feel


The Orion Garden bungalows are located in the tropical gardens of the main Orion Healing Center campus. Free WIFI is available at the main center and restaurant. All our accommodation will ensure you peace and quiet during your stay. The area boasts private and magical beaches that feature a beautiful coral reef, perfect for exploring marine life. Swimming points are located within a 5 minutes walk. The village of Srithanu is only a 500 meters walk away from the center, where you can immerse yourself in the amazing Thai culture.

Holistic treatments

1 Thai Massage & 1 Reiki Healing session

Additional information

Meeting point

Orion Healing Centre

Airport transfers

Airport transfers are not included for this yoga retreat.

How to get there

Here are the directions in Thai that you can print out to give to the taxi driver upon arrival at the Pier in Thong Sala. This is important as it will avoid unnecessary delays.

Local taxis are available from the pier. Please inform the taxi to go to Orion Healing Centre Srithanu. Please print out instructions in Thai to give to the taxi driver, this will avoid any unnecessary delay and frustration. Taxis are approx 200 – 300 THB per person.

There are many ways to arrive to Koh Phangan, you can decide based on budget and time restrictions. The most recommended way is by air. 

Travelling to Koh Phangan by Air

Flights from Bangkok to Koh Samui

The nearest airport is on Koh Samui. Between Bangkok and Koh Samui there are many daily services ran by Bangkok Airways. Flight time is about 1 hour.

Flights from Bangkok to Surat Thani

Flights that arrive at Surathani (the closest mainland point) have a ferry connection to Koh Phangan.

Air Asia, Nok Air and Lion Air all flys from Bangkok to Surat Thani daily, flight time is about 1 hour. The transfer from Surat Thani airport to Donsak ferry port is by coach or taxi and takes about 1 ½ hours. At Donsak transfer to the ferry to Koh Phangan, which takes 2.5 hours. Prices for flights can be as low as 1200 B.


There are many bus services from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. Most of these are sleeper busses. They can be booked from travel agencies in Bangkok or by going to the central bus station (Sia Thai). The journey to Donsak, the ferry port for boats to Koh Phangan, takes about 10 hours. From Donsak the journey takes around 3 hours to Koh Phangan. Usually the ferry is included in the price of the bus.


Trains leave Bangkok several times daily, the journey time is about 12 hours, sleeping booths are available on some services. Leaving the train at Surat Thani the transfer by coach or taxi from Surat Thani station to Donsak Pier takes about 1½ hours.

From Donsak the ferry journey to Koh Phangan takes 3 hours.

There are 2 companies that run luxury coach services from Bangkok to Chumphon, which take about 6 hours. At Chumphon you transfer to a large express boat that stops at Koh Tao before arriving at Koh Phangan. The boat journey from Chumphon to Koh Phangan takes about 2 ½ hours.

Ferries from Samui to Koh Phangan

  • The Seatran ferry leaves Koh Samui at 8:00am and 12.30 & 3.00
  • The Lomprayah ferry leaves Koh Samui at 8:00 am, 11:15, 12:30 and 17:00

Ferries from Koh Phangan to Koh Samui

  • The Seatran ferry leaves Koh Phangan at: 11:00 and 16:30
  • The Lomprayah ferry leaves Koh Phangan at: 7:15, 11:00, 12:00 & 16:20

From Koh Samui airport it is a shuttle service to the ferry ports for Koh Phangan (this is usually available as a free service). Please ask for this service when you purchase the ticket for the ferry at the Seatran/Lomprayah ferry counter as you exit Koh Samui Airport.

Travel information

We do advise all guests to take out adequate travel insurance, for this yoga retreat,  in case of unavoidable emergencies that may result in the cancellation of your stay at The Orion Healing Centre.


I get the feeling that the Orion Healing Centre is different to other cleansing centres, why is this?

Yes we are different; We can continue to offer personal attention and care to all those who are cleansing with us. The Orion Team is made up from healers and yogis with many years experience in living naturally and in harmony with the earth. We work personally with guests to release the body of the emotional and physical blockages. At Orion we encourage self-healing and empowerment through the combination of healing work yoga and detoxification. 

What kind of water is used?

We use purified water because it is capable of absorbing and flushing more toxins out of the colon, drawling out solid particles, chemicals, and other matter.

Is detoxing hard?

This all depends on your lifestyle and your reasons for detoxing. Every day will be different; some days you’ll have more energy, and other days there will be a slump. Additionally, buried feelings and emotions may also surface, so being open and ready for this will make the detox easier. We have a wide range of holistic therapies to help through the more difficult days. Most people have a very positive experience during their detox, and we have many return customers who choose to make detoxing part of their yearly routine.

I am a smoker. Is it OK to detox?

Yes, if you are a smoker you can still detox, although we recommend that during the cleanse you cut down on your cigarette intake or try to give up. It is very common that people have no desire to smoke during the detox.

Do I have to pre-cleanse at Orion?

Yes, at least one day of pre-cleanse at Orion is necessary to embark on the full detox program. It prepares the body, balances the alkaline levels, and ensures the process is as smooth as possible. Our most popular program is the 11 day detox, which already includes a 2 day pre-cleanse.

When does the fast begin?

The detox starts at 7am, check-in is one day prior to the detox to allow time to go through the program and to settle in. There is a herbal supplement that is taken the evening prior to starting.

I plan to share a bungalow with my friend / partner and we are both doing the detox. Does this affect the price?

If two people are sharing the same bungalow, only one pays for the accommodation.

I would like to do a detox with you, but my partner does not want to detox. Can s/he still stay with me and does s/he pay for accommodation?

Yes s/he can stay with you. As the accommodation is included in the detox s/he has no additional charges to pay.

What is the price of additional treatments you offer including during the detox such as Chakra balancing, Crystal healing, CranioSacral therapy and the Chi Nei Tsang?

Holistic/Energy treatments are 1500 THB, CranioSacral is 1500 THB, Chi Nei Tsang is 1500 THB

Are additional oil and Thai massages available?

Yes, oil and Thai massages are available. Thai massage is 350 THB, oil massage is 500 THB

Is the beach quiet?

Yes, Srithanu beach is very quiet.

What are the contraindications (conditions that could prevent someone doing a detox)?

The following are contraindications for our detox. Exceptions are made for those with a referral from a registered practitioner. Cancer of the colon or GI (gastro-intestinal tract), acute abdominal pain, recent history of GI or rectal bleeding, congestive heart failure, uncontrolled hypertension, history of seizures, carcinoma of the rectum, abdominal surgery, intestinal perforation, abdominal hernia, recent colon or rectal surgery, diverticulitis, recent heart attack, general debilitation, vascular aneurysm, renal insufficiency, epilepsy or psychoses, cirrhosis, fissure or fistula, pregnancy, ulcerative colitis, acute Chrohn’s disease, rectal or abdominal tumours, and mental disorders or history of mental illness.

Can I withdraw money easily in Thailand?

There are many ATM machines in Thailand. In Srithanu village there are 3 ATMs.

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The instructors for this yoga retreat will be announced upon booking or arrival.

Inclusions & Exclusions

What's included in this yoga retreat:

  • 4 nights accommodation at Orion Healing Center
  • Introductory lecture on colemas
  • Private colema equipment in the bungalow
  • Personal guidance and attention throughout
  • 1 x Yoga class per day
  • All supplements: Green plus, mega vitamin and mineral complex, intestinal cleaner, pro-biotic healthy bacteria replacement
  • 5 x Detox drinks with bentonite clay and psyllium husk
  • 4 x Fresh fruit/vegetable Juices per day
  • 1 x Coconut water per day
  • 1 x Herbal tea per day
  • 1 x healthy broth per day
  • 2 x colemas per day, with filtered water
  • 2 x colemas per day, with filtered water
  • Option of coffee, organic apple cider vinegar, and garlic colemas
  • Daily use of our Herbal Steam room (One of the best on Koh Phangan!)
  • Plant-based nutrition counseling
  • Papaya & bee pollen to break the fast

What's not included:

  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport transfers
  • All services not listed above

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It was a wonderful experience andI can understand how people return there, a very special place. I went for an E accomodation which was lovely, spacious, lovely veranda and hammock! The food was...

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Ewa is a book, after TTC I've only read the intro, will come back to learn more with her for sure;). I'm so lucky to meet a great teacher, highly recommended!

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