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Hong Kong

Yoga in Hong Kong Caught between western modernity and Chinese tradition Hong Kong is an attractive, restless city. If one place needs yoga it is Hong Kong and so the inhabitants see their yoga studios as a second home. Your Yoga Guide for Hong Kong Yoga in Hong Kong is a must if you don’t want [...]
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Yoga in Singapore Next to colorful Little India, Haji Lane’s hipsters paradise, impressive skyscrapers, and endless Hawker centers this beautiful city-state offers multiple yoga studios for yoga lovers living in or just visiting. Your Yoga Guide for Singapore There are various yoga classes and styles if you want to do Yoga in Singapore. Whether you want [...]
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Yoga in Munich Besides the historical sights in Munich, the beautiful mountains and lakes in the surrounding area are all worth a visit. Munich offers many activities with its beautiful beer gardens, parks, over 80 museums, exciting festivals and a big yoga scene. Your Yoga Guide for Munich A yoga guide for yoga in Munich is very [...]
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San Diego

Yoga in San Diego With great surf in San Diego, drinks on the beach, sunsets on the boardwalk and the best Mexican food north of the border, you may forget to go home from this city and its laid-back vibe. Your Yoga Guide for San Diego Yoga in San Diego is abundant and with the residents [...]
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