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A lush land intertwined with ancient temples: Cambodia

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A lush land intertwined with ancient temples: Cambodia

Located in Asia, Cambodia is an overall ‘kind’ space; it is considered a peaceful place to visit. The locals’ attitude toward one another and toward travelers is one of many smiles, nods, and bows. Just as beautiful as the people can be, the landscape, temples, green nature, and beaches are also quite astounding.

Although the country was just established in 1953, it has ancient structures that date back much past the birth of Cambodia as the nation we know of today.

Angkor Wat

Built in the 14th century, what was first considered Hindu Temples were then converted into a Buddhist temples. Standing as the largest religious monument on earth, this is a must see for travelers who come to Cambodia. Located in Siem Reap, it is filled with tourists pretty much year around, as you might suspect. Although its historic value does make it the most popular attraction, some smaller, less visited temples are just as richly beautiful, able to be appreciated without the hustle of crowds.

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Koh Ker

This archaeological site dates back to the year 900, as a Khmer capital. Little detail is known about this neglected place, having been abandoned centuries upon centuries ago. Its mystery is intertwined in its captivating interest. While it was said to be built in the Khmer era, some historians believe it appears much more like a Mayan ruin than anything else. The wildlife that now uses these ancient structures as a wilderness-infused mecca only makes for an increasingly beautiful symbol of evolution. With new, progressive toll ways, travelers can make day trips from Siem Reap to Koh Ker.

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Koh Rong

A beautiful island off the coast of Cambodia. This is a perfect place for beach dwellers and nature lovers. The white sand beaches are a gorgeous contrast to turquoise waters. Many people come here to surf, snorkel, and rejuvenate. There are many nature walks to be taken, through dense greenery; there is a plethora of wildlife, both swimming in the marine and striding on foot. Brightly colored boats go out each day, as fishermen make their wages on fresh catch, living a rather laid back life.

If you want to hike inland, you can find trails that will take you through magic to enchanted seclusion. Although the beach is near by, a refreshing dip into a beautiful waterfall might be more appropriate for a day of trekking. There is much to see on the island of Koh Rong, so pack a bag, and get here!

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