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Adventure is Waiting to be Found in Indonesia: What to Do

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Adventure is Waiting to be Found in Indonesia: What to Do

An incredibly diverse country, not only in population, but in culture as well, Indonesia has something for everybody. Whether you are an “urban yogi” or a “nature yogi”, you will find something in Indonesia that is perfect for you!

For the Urban Yogi: The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Indonesia

The most popular island being Bali, the Island of the Gods, many go straight to the yogi paradise of Ubud. It is in Ubud where one of the most popuar yoga destinations is called The Yoga Barn. Afterwards getting your vinyasa on, there are plenty of spas in the area where you can get a Balinese massage, or a chocolate coconut body scrub, and come out smelling as delicious as your tropical breakfast!

For the Urban Yogi: Take a Tour

Perhaps you would like to get learn about Balinese culture and see the green rice fields for yourself… so explore or take a tour! You will learn that each town has a particular trade of expertise, whether it’s wood-carvings, batik weaving, jewellers, painters, no matter what tickles your fancy – there is a local artisan for you.

For the Urban Yogi: The Bali Arts Festival

If you are travelling around June – July, you may catch the Bali Arts Festival. A month long cultural festival with spectacular performances – i.e. Balinese children’s gong, the Barong dance, traditional music, culinary delights and a cacophony of colour.

For the Nature Yogi: Go Island and Beach Exploring! 

Being made up of so many islands, Indonesia is full of natural wonder from beaches and rainforests, to volcanoes and farms. Even in the less popular islands, there is something untouched to discover.

 Interested in surfing? The sleepy town of Uluwatu is popular with the surf crowd with each beach offering a different atmosphere – Bingin Beach, Padang Padang Beach and Suluban.
 Additionally, the Mt Batur trek is well worth the early wake up to catch the unforgettable sunrise atop the active Kintamani volcano. Indonesia also has the Gili Islands! Free-diving is popular here as well as surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, boating and once all is done – let your hair down and party in one of the open air bars on the beach.

For the Nature Yogi: Komodo National Park and Ujung Kulon National Park

Wildlife enthusiasts rejoice, the Komodo National Park, has been declared one of the New Seven Wonders (n7w.com). The national park has rich vegetation and a breathtaking marine eco system. It is possible to snorkel and dive here. Once back on land, you may even spot the prehistoric, Komodo dragon, the island’s namesake.

 There is also Ujung Kulon National Park is approximately 300 km from Jakarta. Here one of the rarest mammals on earth, the Javan Rhino can be sighted. The park is also home to the silvery gibbon, the Javan leopard, the bull, the long-tailed macaque, over 72 species of reptiles and amphibians and 240 species of birds.

For the Nature Yogi: Kayak and Raft down the Asahan or Alas River

For the adrenaline junkies, Medan, a capital city north of Sumatra, offers some exciting white-water rafting down the Asahan River. It is said to be in the top three white-water rafting spots in the world, after Zambesi in Africa and Colorado River in the US.
 The Alas River, southeast of Takengon, also offers sharp bends and rapids. Further down, it is possible to kayak and from Kutacane to Gelambang is a peaceful part where you can row quietly through the jungle whilst taking in the breathtaking scenery.

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