All about Argentina

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All about Argentina

Over 1.1 million square miles, this vast country is a geographically diverse space of land. Covering an immense amount of space, it spans from a nearly tropical region to a nearly antarctic region, making it quite the varietal for travelers who would like to experience the ‘best of both worlds’.

Parts of the Andes exist within its borders, giving opportunities for winter games: skiing, snowboarding, and snow shoeing. There are swamps that house wildlife, anything from Capybaras to not-so-nice-to-play-with predators like Jaguars.

Argentina also consists of a long shoreline, giving space for beautiful marine wildlife, big waves, sandy beaches, and fresh coconut water, straight from the source. Though, most of their land consists of Pampa, which are flatland plains, good for farming.

If you travel to Argentina, there is a good chance that you will find exactly what you desire; it is a beautiful, resource-rich country.


South America



Important dates in Argentina

The most recognized religion in Argentina is Christianity. With progressive views, it is not as traditional as it once was, yet all the same, Christians are still of the majority, so many holidays are intertwined with the significant of Jesus Christ.

Nestled up against Brazil, Argentina celebrates carnival with nearly the same gusto and spice as their sister country. You will find people at festivals, parades, and fairs, dancing, singing, eating, and drinking a couple of days in celebration of this huge, international holiday.

To explore more Argentinean holidays.

Interesting facts

  • Argentina is the largest country in Central America and eighth-largest nation on earth.
  • The word Argentina comes from the latin word for Silver ‘argentum’, because the first European settlers thought, for some reason, the entire country was filled with it. It was not.
  • Each of the 23 provinces have their own constitution, but still function under federal law.

Good to know

90 day Visitor Access (no visa required) for the following: Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA.

Citizens of nations not listed above require a visa. Please check with your relevant embassy for up to date info.

Culture and Etiquette in Argentina

The People: They are some of the most warm and genuine people you might meet. As a solo traveler, you are sure to make many friends in your dwelling. There is an eagerness for hospitality; most natives will treat travelers like royalty because within the culture, hosting is a significant act of love. Family oriented, your new friends might even invite you into their home, share in meals, and invite you out with other mates. Most people who know English want to practice; unlike some other places, they are humble in finding ways to communicate, even if it is not necessarily in their native tongue. Of course, it is best to come to the nation prepared, with a couple of useful Spanish words and phrases. Be aware that Argentine Spanish differs greatly from other types; it has the ability to leave you confused. With the uniqueness constituted to its Italian forefathers, Argentines will speak quite rapidly through slang with gusto and pride.

Argentina Time: You are living as an Argentine when you travel to Argentina; remember that! We travel to grasp a local experience, to engage with the culture, and to do ‘normal’ in a different fashion than at home. It is usual to be ‘late’ here. Everything functions within lateness, of course within logistics. Most people arrive at work around 10 am. Most families eat dinner around 9 or 10. After dinner, people do not go for drinks until about 12 or 1 am. It might not be conducive to your schedule when you arrive back home, but for now, take it easy, take your time, and be within the newness. Your circadian rhythm might ask ‘why’, but assure it ‘we are just on Argentine time’.

Eating : Sorry veg heads, Argentina loves its meat. It can be extremely difficult maneuvering around in some of the most inconspicuous and also the most beautiful places in the country, if you are not okay with each a little meat. In Buenos Aires, one can certainly get through eating only vegetables, as there are places to go get salads. It is a huge piece of the culture as most Argentines eat nearly 100 lbs of beef a year per individual. You very well might get invited to a local bbq, which would be a wonderful cultural experience. If you are really against it, just make sure you have a plan in place.

Malbec on Malbec: This delicious red wine is straight from Argentina. While it is ever-flowing in the beautiful country, try not to over indulge as it can give you cranky hangovers. Most Argentines do not heavily drink and it is customary to mix it with other beverages, like soda! Yes, mixing red wine with a coke. This happens here quite often, so do not be afraid to do what the locals do, try it out, experience it for what it is. Try to avoid becoming too drunk or belligerent, as in most settings, this will be deeply frowned upon.

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