Acro Yoga Retreats

Release stress, burst your individual bubble and learn the art of cooperation and trust by going on a Acro yoga retreat.

What is Acro yoga?

The word "Acro" is of Greek origin meaning “elevated”, while yoga means “union” in Sanskrit. Combining acrobatics, healing arts and yoga, Acro Yoga is a type of partner yoga also regarded as “the yoga of trust”, as it ultimately teaches the ground rule of trust: taking control by letting go and cultivates feelings of belonging, community and playfulness.

It is characterized as more vigorous and challenging than other types of yoga practice, as its defining feature is the use of gravity to promote both strengthening and stretching. A typical Acro Yoga class includes a warmup and partner work, followed by flowing sequences, inversions and sometimes it also incorporates elements of Thai yoga massage for stress relieving.

This type of yoga is recommended for anyone looking for a practice oriented towards developing trust in others, communication and letting go in order to be better able to work in teams and learning how to find balance in the many personal and societal roles one plays on a day to day basis. You will notice that as you start being able to support others, you slowly start to allow yourself to be supported in return.

See below the best Acro yoga retreats and Acro yoga teacher trainings all around the world!

200 h. RYT Yoga teacher training
200 h. RYT Yoga teacher training
From 1241.92 €  more
25 Jun ⟶ 22 Jul, 2017