Bikram Yoga Retreats

As the original and authentic hot yoga practice, Bikram becomes a must-try for any yogi and can make for quite a test for your level of endurance to extreme heat.

What is Bikram yoga?

Bikram Yoga, a.k.a. the original Hot Yoga, is practiced in a room heated at 105 degrees and with a humidity level of 40%, for 90 minutes, in which 26 postures are performed in a series together with 2 breathing exercises. This means you would most definitely need to bring a bath towel and water along with your yoga mat to Bikram classes!

The heat’s purpose is to help the body stretch, tone, detoxify, relieve stress and heal chronic pain, however this comes at the price of potentially having to endure certain feelings of discomfort until you get used to effectively use your breath for overriding them.

Bikram is ultimately for yogis who do not want to miss out on experiencing the authentic hot yoga and those looking for an intense, cardiovascular workout that would allow them to also develop strength and better mental concentration and improve their flexibility and tone.

Have a look at the best Bikram yoga retreats worldwide, choose your favorite destination and start getting your body ready, and by ready we mean well-hydrated!

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training
200 hours Yoga Teacher Training
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