Broga® Yoga Retreats

Even though lovers of more traditional yoga styles might raise an eyebrow when they hear about Broga®, a.k.a. “yoga for bros”, we believe that it’s an all-body workout worth giving it a try if you’re on the look for adding some challenge to your yoga routine.

Why “yoga for bros”?

As Broga aims to adopt a male perspective on traditional yoga, it also adopts a more structured and practical view on input and output (benefits).

Regular practitioners will notice that a Broga session comprises 4 classes in a row that would target a specific area of the body: legs and hips, back and twists, inversions (e.g. handstand) and chest and shoulders.

Besides toning and strengthening specific muscle groups, as well as weight loss due to the cardio elements encompassed in the practice, positive effects such as better sleep patterns and communication skills, open-mindedness, improvements in terms of digestion, flexibility, as well as back and knee pain have been reported.

Male or female, beginner yogi or professional athlete, have a look at our featured Broga yoga retreats or Broga teacher trainings all around the world!