Forrest Yoga Retreats

Access your whole being and discover and cleanse any emotional or mental blocks that dictate your life with Forrest Yoga.

What is Forrest yoga?

Renowned due to its intensely physical and internally focused practice, Forrest yoga aims to emphasize the transformative experience one undergoes on and off the mat, into daily life.   

One learns how to cultivate an acute sense of awareness of both their practice and life process, which further creates opportunities for making right and practical life decisions. Forrest Yoga only requires you to be willing and driven to learn how to feel in an authentic manner and respond honestly. Besides helping one deepen his/ her relationship with oneself, this inspiring yoga practice also helps build flexibility, strength and intelligence.

Have a look at our featured Forrest yoga retreats or Forrest yoga teacher trainings from all around the world and find your truth!

7 Days Yoga & Rainforest Adventure
7 Days Yoga & Rainforest Adventure
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All year round