Hot Yoga Retreats

Bring an added dimension and additional challenge to your yoga practice with hot yoga!

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is a broad term used to define any yoga style practiced in a room preheated to approximately 85-115 degrees Fahrenheit and with a humidity level of typically 40-60 percent.

Hot yoga classes have the benefits of sitting in a sauna, as the heat increases the rate of one’s pulse and metabolism, blood vessels also becoming more flexible, blood flow to the limbs increasing, toxins being eliminated through sweat and the immune system reaching optimum levels. In terms of yoga, the advantages translate to your body being able to move more freely and dive more deeply in each posture due to the warmth being created in the muscles and, subsequently, achieving an internal organ massage.

Step out of your comfort zone by going on one of our featured Hot yoga retreats and Hot yoga teacher trainings listed below!