Laughter Yoga Retreats

Increase your happiness level and overall wellbeing with nothing other than Laughter yoga!

Why Laughter yoga?

Laughter yoga adds a new twist to an ancient practice, managing to not only increase happiness due to the release of endorphins, but also to strengthen the immune system, lower stress and reduce certain pains, as laughter can bring a feeling of relaxation to the whole body, promoting a strong sense of overall well-being.

Most likely one of the easiest and most easily enjoyable forms of yoga, laughter yoga sessions start with some gentle warm-up techniques, such as chanting, stretching, breathing, clapping and other bodily movements aimed at breaking down any inhibitions and encouraging the practitioners to adopt a sense of playfulness. After having prepared the lungs for laughter, a series of “laughter exercises” is commenced, which imply visualization and acting techniques with an added touch of playfulness. As little as twenty minutes of laughter are believed to be sufficient for reaping the full physiological benefits of this practice.

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