Post natal Yoga Retreats

De-stress and re-balance your body after one of the most important events in any woman’s life: birth!

Why Postnatal yoga?

Postnatal Yoga classes will help you recover from birth more harmoniously, the practice is designed to improve your core strength and balance. in this class you can expect to gently work on the perineum and strengthen the deep abdominal muscles.

This practice is recommended for every new mother starting from 6 weeks after giving birth, experience in yoga can range from intermediate level to novice.

There are many benefits to postnatal yoga like minimising tension from the new mother lifestyle, helping to provide tools for rest and instant relaxation and improvement of blood flow. In addition classes are a great tool for building a community and making new friends in the same beautiful walk of life that is motherhood.

Find below the best Postnatal yoga retreats or Postnatal teacher trainings worldwide organized for the lucky women who recently turned mothers! Congratulations from Booking Yoga!