SUP Yoga Retreats

All the water loving yogis out there, you cannot miss this one!

What is SUP yoga?

SUP stands for Stand-Up Paddleboarding and it is a water sport that hails from Hawaii and has become hugely popular across the world due to the accessibility and ease of immersing in stand-up paddleboarding. The benefits of SUP-ing are increased balance, strengthening the core muscles along with the rest of your body – these similarities undeniably weave with the practice yoga.

SUP Yoga classes typically start with a short warm up paddle, often to the location you will practice yoga, also serving as a warm up. The session becomes more integrated with yoga as you can expect from a class- seated breathing techniques, basic sun salutations and the option to practicing some harder variations of postures on your board.

Check out our SUP yoga retreats or teacher trainings suggestions below. We guarantee dynamic session and lots of fun!

8 Days Windsurf & Yoga Retreat
8 Days Windsurf & Yoga Retreat
From 630 €  more
All year round