Yoga for Special needs Retreats

What is yoga for special needs?

Yoga classes for special needs are specialized shorter length classes to create a genuine yoga setting without the overwhelming length of classes, typically the classes are around 30-45 minutes. The setting is at a comfortable pace for the student, whether they are adults or children the idea of this style of yoga is to help practitioners feel empowered, in a setting without any judgment.

The first and most obvious benefit of yoga is the increased flexibility and muscle strength, then there are others like increased concentration, developed or improved coordination, a way to reduce anxiety plus improve one’s overall mood. From regular practice these overall positive outcome and benefits can occur. A yoga practice can be recommended to all people on the spectrum of special needs regardless their age.

Have a look at some of the best yoga retreats or teacher trainings that include yoga for special needs!

5 Days Yoga retreat for the Soul
5 Days Yoga retreat for the Soul
From 580 €  more
Mar|Jun 2018