Best yoga retreats in Croatia

“Polite words open iron gates.” (Croatian proverb)


Dear yogi & yogini,  a warm welcome to Croatia!

Complex, ancient and rich in culture, Croatia is a fascinating destination. It has both beauty and history and because of its geographic position, has been influenced by many different cultures. Today, this mixture makes it a captivating place to explore. Your yoga holiday in Croatia will allow you to connect with the elements, either through the idillic hiking and biking trails or through the wonderful emerald color of the water. Dive a little deeper and immerse yourself with the locals, enjoy the typical food and the Croatian hospitality!

Now it's your turn!

Discover an amazing country and experience an unforgettable Yoga Retreat or Teacher Training in Croatia with Namaste!

7 Days Integrated Holistic Yoga retreat
7 Days Integrated Holistic Yoga retreat
From 810 €  more
All year round
8 Days Yoga Sailing Retreat
8 Days Yoga Sailing Retreat
From 1490 €  more
Jun|Jul|Aug|Sep 2018