Best yoga retreats in Brazil

“O que os olhos não vêem, o coração não sente”

(What the eyes don’t see, the heart can’t feel)


Dear yogi & yogini, a warm welcome to Brazil!

Go for a yoga retreat in Brazil and find yourself in South America's biggest country where options for yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings are as diverse as the country and it's people. Between the Amazon, Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, the snow peaked mountain Pico da Neblina and the many beaches and islands along the Brazilian coast, you will find everything your heart desires!

Now it's your turn!

Discover an amazing country and experience an unforgettable Yoga Retreat or Teacher Training in Brazil with Namaste!

6 Days Island Yoga retreat in Eco-sitio
6 Days Island Yoga retreat in Eco-sitio
From 1480.93 €  more
07 ⟶ 12 Apr, 2018