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Argentina, the Land of Steak, Wine and Empanadas!

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Argentina, the Land of Steak, Wine and Empanadas!

Argentinians are known for their incredible meat-consumption; The average Argentinian consumes over 100 lbs (45 kg) of beef per year! This factors heavily into the food traditions of this country, and many of the best and most authentic dishes feature a heavy hand of beef. This is all combined with the traditional flavoring and spices of the Andean culture to the north and the Patagonian culture to the south, as well as a healthy hand of Mediterranean style owing to Spanish and Italian influence in colonizing this country. This means there is a huge variety of delicious meals for you too try when you visit! Read on to learn about some of the tastiest local foods you’ll find in Argentina.


These delicious pockets of meat and vegetables are the backbone of Argentinian cuisine. They come with different fillings, including chicken, beef, vegetable and cheese, and also different local variations from the north to the south. This is a great snack when you’re walking about in the city and need a snack, or have a couple to make a hearty and delicious meal.

Milanesa ( also known as Escalope)

This is a traditional Argentinian dish made from a thin slice of beef or chicken, which is then hammered even thinner before being breaded and fried. It somewhat resembles the Austrian Wiener Schnitzel, but is often dressed up with one of many delicious toppings, including tomato paste, cheese, fried eggs, or more.

Argentine Steak

In a country famous for its beef, it’s not surprising that steak is one of the highlights of Argentine cuisine. Given the vast amount of grazing land available for cattle, beef is relatively inexpensive and delicious steaks are easy to find. You might find this an even better dining experience than elsewhere in the world because the cattle in Argentina is grass fed as opposed to grain fed, which gives the meat a distinct flavor.

Argentine Pizza

Though the idea of pizza in Argentina likely came across with the immigrants from Italy, the dish in its current form bears little resemblance to the Italian pizza. Pizza in Argentina is a thick, messy affair with crusts often over an inch (2.5 cm) deep and a dangerous helping of mozzarella cheese. There’s no tastier way to fill up than with a simple Margarita pizza, topped in fresh olive oil  and sprinkled with chili flakes.

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