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Bali: A vegetarian and ‘raw food’ Heaven

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Bali: A vegetarian and ‘raw food’ Heaven

The cuisine in Bali is of Asian influence, rice being their staple grain. Many times, meat is grilled on skewer; seafood is served on the coasts, along with pork and chicken. Beef is rarely consumed, as the cow is considered sacred within the majority religious groups spanning across Bali.

The cuisine is generally incredibly fresh; fruit is incorporated into certain dishes, giving a tropical flare. As most of Bali is hindu, there are copious vegetarian and vegan options. Have no fears fellow vegetarians; we have some delicious suggestions.

Clear Café

This recently moved, large, airy restaurant takes up two floors with high ceilings, cushy seats and beautiful ambiance. There is a koi pond on the bottom floor, and a pole to slide down from the top floor to the bottom. It is a delicious, vegan restaurant situated in the heart of Ubud and it offers to-go snacks and drinks at the little shop adjacent to the restaurant. You might want to consider making a reservation as the word is starting to get out on this place!

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Yoga Barn Café

This café has outdoor, cushioned floor seating and a delicious menu with many Ayurveda recipes. They serve coffee, tea and juices as well. It is a great place to meet other yogis as there is a yoga studio attached.

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The Seeds of Life Raw Food Café + Tonic Bar

The Seeds of Life is a raw food school, extensive tonic selection, and two-level café; this is much more than an eatery, and the food is in a league of its own. The bottom level has a few tables outdoors and deep wrap-around booths with pillows.

Upstairs, there are big windows that offer fresh breeze and an open-air feel. The menu is what really sets this place apart though, offering some of the most creative healthy foods and tonics. They have a menu with an extensive list of teas to choose from, hand-crafted for particular health benefits and healing properties. It is an incredible place.

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