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Bazaar browsing to beautiful bathing in Turkey

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Bazaar browsing to beautiful bathing in Turkey

Turkish wonders await you on your next journey. With a multi-faceted culture, rich with depth and intriguing history, Turkey has a way of eloquently blending eastern and western culture. For travelers, the experience can be like none other, as it signifies the comradery of two beautiful cultures that rarely combine into one.

All-encompassing, Turkey can give any person a fitting experience. If you enjoy nature and seclusion, there are beautiful towns, both on the coast and inland. If you enjoy cold, snowy weather, it can be found in the Asian region; hiking, trekking, and extreme winter sports can be found in the mountains, while the urban yogi traveler can get lost in the wonder of a cosmopolitan city like Istanbul.

Basilica Cistern

In Istanbul, cultural experiences unselfishly show themselves, left and right. One of the first places to explore is The Basilica Cistern, a ‘must see’ on many people’s Turkish bucket list. Built in the 6th century, this was Istanbul’s largest water reservoir. It is constructed with over 330 stone columns climbing 8 stories–one of which is carved into Medusa’s head.

Get to know Basilicia Cistern.

The Grand Bazaar

Ah, what a space. Built in the 1400s, it stands as one of the oldest and the largest covered markets/malls in the world. With over 4,000 markets spanning 61 streets, The Bazaar attracts anywhere between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors a day.

To explore details about Grand Bazaar.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

More commonly known to travelers as the Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmed Mosque has stood in Istanbul since the 1600s. A site for religious tradition and history, it closes during prayers each day, giving Muslims the space to use it in its authentic sense.

Other than that, it is still open each day of the year. As a traveler, be respectful of this by not using flash photography or taking photo of active prayer. Enjoy the experience, as you marvel at the 260 stain-glass windows exemplifying the true elegance of this holy space.

Plan your trip to explore Blue Mosque. 


This geographical phenomenon has attracted travelers for 1000s of years. Translated into cotton castle, this is a hot spring haven used for bathing in healing waters. Most yogis will find this relaxing, secluded get away beautiful, beneficial, and unlike any other experience. Cleopatra is the springs’ most famous bather. Pamukkale now sees nearly 2 million visitors each year; now, it is your turn to be one of them.

Mount Nemrut

Located in the eastern region of Turkey, there stands a 2,100 meter mountain. It is most known for one summit where a number of large statues have been erected. The creation took form in the 1st century BC; most historian presume it was a resting space, a royal tomb. This adventure will involve some hiking, which might fit perfectly in with your trip if you enjoy nature-infused excursions.

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