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Best Gifts Ideas for Yogi (Part 2)

Best Gifts Ideas for Yogi (Part 2)

What are Doshas? Yamas? Niyamas?

If you’re actually reading this article and not just skimming through it, you may be asking questions about yogic philosophy like, “What Are Doshas?” “What are Yamas?” “What are Niyamas?”

Ok, before we become an encyclopedia of yoga (we really appreciate your enthusiasm but that is not the purpose of this blog!), we will lead you to the next yoga gift recommendation! Audiobooks on philosophy, self development and more, such as this highly recommended audiobook The Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele or the New York Times Bestselling Inner Engineering by Sadhguru because being the architect of your own joy is just something everyone should learn how do master! Remember, if you buy one for your yogi or yogini, you may as well include one for yourself. You’re convinced you need to start a yoga practice by now, right?

Eventually, everyone needs to slow down. A yogi knows that as much yang the cumulate in their life and constitution, the same amount of yin must be present for balance. Going back to Ayurvedic sciences, a good abhyanga massage is a gift from the gods. What’s even better? How about a four handed Ayurvedic massage at Ayurveda Pura in London? We know, it’s such a great idea. You’re welcome.

Gift Ideas for a Travelling Yogi

Do you know there are currently ten international airports offering yoga rooms for the yogis waiting on their next flight? Instead of sitting around with a coffee and latest tabloid, you can find yogis in these airports stretching and meditating on the eight limbs of yoga:

● San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
● Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
● Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport (CHI)
● Burlington Airport (BTV)
● London Gatwick Airport (LGW)
● London Heathrow (LHR)
● Hong Kong (HKG)
● Helsinki Airport (HEL)
● John F Kennedy Airport (Jet Blue @ JFK)
● Miami International Airport (MIA)

Enter Om The Go’s Asana Pillow as our favourite new efficient space & time saver! Give your yoga travel addict the gift of comfortable travel with the 2-in-1 neck pillow and yoga travel mat. It’s machine washable and made from non-slip fabric, delighting yogis from around the world!

Take it from us, when travelling through Thailand by train or flying for hours to Agra by airplane, the one thing we want to do before off boarding is to clean our faces. There’s just something about the air and idea of germs that might be floating around that makes our skin feel dry and unclean, simultaneously. Benecos Happy Cleansing Wipes are PH neutral, biodegradable and vegan – all the things we could ever ask for in a good-for-all-skin-types facial wipe. We can just throw this in our carry on and go!


A Stylish, Eco-Friendly Handbag, Perfect for Travel

So we mentioned an Organic Wine Gift Hamper above, but have you ever considered all the possibilities one little cork might have if it’s recycled? Yogis love just about anything that is certified eco-friendly and this designer handbag made from cork by Corkor in the shape of a bucket is quite possibly the most winning handbag design we’ve ever laid eyes on! Finally those yogis who have a passion for fashion have a handbag option that is in alignment with the values of a yogic lifestyle and it’s just big enough to fit a passport (check out this gorgeous cork passport cover), small wallet or coin purse, and the day to day essentials while travelling. Plus it has a long strap which means it can be worn crossbody – something every traveller should utilise while abroad.

Yoga Retreat in Africa with Om Yoga Morocco

Last but not least, for the yoga lover who also adores a little adventure, an adventure yoga retreat in Africa is an amazing gift! With Morocco as affordable as it is and considering its vicinity to Europe, it is the ideal exotic yoga retreat location and Om Yoga has just the Five Star retreat package in Marrakech, close to the desert and Atlas Mountains for all the hiking and quad biking one could ever dream of. And during down time from yoga and adventure, there’s a lovely Medina to shop all the country’s most beautiful wares.
If you send a yogi off to Morocco for a yoga retreat as a gift, you just might receive a beautiful gift from the country in return! Or maybe you should just come yourself!

Om Yoga Morocco hosts retreats at their private Villa in Casablanca as well, featuring detox and surf & yoga retreat options.


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