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Bite down on new cuisine in Nepal

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Bite down on new cuisine in Nepal

Nepalese cuisine is encompassing of many regions, flavors, and cultures. Most of the cuisine has an Asian fusion, while some mimic the spices and textures of India. From stir-fried noodles, to curry, to rice, and soups, Nepalese food has taken on many of its neighbors’ originals.

With that, there is unique space for true Nepalese cuisine, as the seasoning agents are different than other parts of Asia. Interestingly enough, some people with particular ancestry will cook and eat foods that are not necessarily considered ‘traditional’ Nepalese cuisine.

When in Nepal, eat like the Nepalese.

Dal Bhat Tarkari

This meal is eaten by Nepalese nearly every single day. Sometimes, it is served twice a day. Three different parts make this cohesive dish. Dal is the lentil soup, stewed with herbs, poured over Bhat, a boiled grain. Sometimes it is substituted with rice, depending upon where you are at in Nepal. Tarkari is curried vegetables. It might remind you of an Indian curry, in some realm.


A staple in nearly every restaurant, hotel, and motel around Nepal, momo is a dumpling. They are perfect for an appetizers. These delectable bites can be served steam, usually presented in a small, woven basket. They can also be fried crispy, as the wrap will give a slight bite. Each person has their own preference on how to create and cook momo, yet most consist of the same foods: vegetables, buffalo, chicken, and pork. Try them at couple of different places while you are there, and then tell us which ones you like best!


Also served as an appetizers in some restaurants, Chatamari is the perfect starter. It can also be found at celebrations and festivals, as it can be eaten with the hands. It holds a striking resemblance to pizza, so even if you are weary about other traditional cuisines, this might be something that eases your nerves. It is made from a rice crepe, cooked crisp. It is then topped with spices, herbs, sometimes meat, vegetables, and eggs.

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