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BYinspired: 480 Days of Travel and a Lifetime of Memories

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BYinspired: 480 Days of Travel and a Lifetime of Memories

Ryan Lewis and Marcus Wallis are two Australian guys who saved some cash, grabbed their passports and traveled across 5 continents and 28 countries in just over 15 months, 480 days to be exact!

They are true adventurists; from sliding down volcano slopes in Nicaragua (Central America), skydiving, deep water diving, white water rafting, crawling through underground caves in candlelight…you name it, they’ve done it! I think its safe to say they pursued their dreams to travel without fear… or any regrets.

The boys even tried their hand at yoga, quickly mastering the art of headstands whilst hanging out with me in a hostel in Netherlands (yes, I was lucky enough to meet these two, and become part of their adventure). In between bike rides around windmills, ferry rides around Rotterdam (pictured left), fresh farmer market adventures, hostel masterchef ‘cook offs’, and nights out in Netherlands, I remember watching Ryan and Marcus’ first YouTube video which they had put together from their adventure in South East Asia ( Check out the YouTube video at the end of article). As I watched the video, I felt like I was there with them, inspired and amazed by their experience and how each moment was so perfectly captured- with love, passion, and so raw and real!!! Since then, they’ve had many more amazing adventures and (lucky for us) made more inspiring videos of their adventures, which they have so kindly let me share with our BookingYoga community.

(Marcus and Ryan’s YouTube page is here).

The world is abundant with beauty, and receiving a life on this planet is a blessing not to be wasted! See first hand, what the world has to offer and explore her magnificent beauty. Until you wander, you will not know what you are missing! Volcano hikes in Guatemala for example….

Volcano Hike in Guatemala

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An Interview to Inspire Wanderlust!

Despite Ryan, Marcus and I being in different continents all over the world, we still keep in touch and I recently sat down with the boys (virtually of course) to chat about their travel adventures, life after travels, and even managed to grab some  ‘insider tips’ (especially for our aspiring travelers!). If this does not inspire you to break the monotony of life and follow even the tiniest bit of lust to wander, nothing will!! Here’s their story…


Hannah : Boys, it has been about 12 months since we met in Netherlands, and 4 months since you finished your enormous cross-continent backpacking adventure . How are you feeling post travel?

Ryan: I prolonged my post travel vibes for a further 2.5 months. After Marcus and I finished our big adventure, I attended two close friends weddings, one in Fiji and one in Indonesia. On top of these I squeezed in some more exploring within Australia, a couple weeks in Sydney and some time checking out Darwin and the incredible Kakadu National Park in the ‘top end’. Quick stop back to see family and friends and now I find myself in the UK.

Marcus: We were both pretty lucky that our ‘post-travel depression’ was delayed because of our little trip for a wedding. However, after that, for me it was quite odd actually. For so long my life was quite fast-paced, which is very different from back home! It was great to see all my family and friends, and catch up on everything we’ve missed. I loved reminiscing on all our crazy travel stories, and share the things I learned whilst away.

Hannah : So, you finished your travels and are now living in the UK?


Ryan: Yes! I’ve had some good fun checking out Bristol and surrounds, meeting new people and back playing sport again. I’ve found it challenging to land some work in urban design / planning due to the limited time on my visa here, but that won’t stop me from enjoying my time here. I’m currently working at the Uni of the West of England..

Hannah : How are you staying connected with family and friends back home?

Ryan: I’ve taken the opportunity to get myself around family and friends for three weddings in the last five months now. The most recent was a whirlwind trip back for Marcus’ sisters amazing wedding! Absolutely loved seeing everyone… and dressing up shmicko for the wedding is always fun haha the daily contact is through many social media and internet messenger platforms.

Hannah: Ok boys; lets do this, lets hear your list of crazy adventures.

Ryan: SOME include canyon swing in Queenstown, NZ; Nevis bungy in Queenstown (134m high!); White water rafting (best one was in Rotorua in NZ); cliff jumping through the Philippines, Thailand, the cenote’s of Mexico.. well all around the world to be honest! Repelling a waterfall in da lat, Vietnam; running with the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain; volcano boarding; paintball in Pablo Escobar’s bombed mansion in Guatapé, Colombia; mountain biking down death road, just out of La Paz, Bolivia..They are some goodies which come to mind straight away!

Marcus: ..Well summarised there ‘Lew Dog’.

*BY Intervention: For those who haven’t come across an Australian before. One typical ‘aussie’ trait is this; make up non-existent names for everyone and everything and Marcus’ unbeknowingly gives a perfect example referring to Ryan as ‘Lew Dog!’ …. Its kind of a sign of endearment 😉 *

Marcus: So Hannah, we actually did quite a bit of random activities! Haha. Some Festivals that we went to were Oktoberfest, Rio De Janeiro Carnaval, and Marathon Du Medoc (wine drinking marathon, this adventure was just me). Anything else I’ve missed Lew?

Ryan: Trekked (over 5 days) from Salkantay to Machu Picchu; swam with whale sharks; hiked up 6 active volcanos (the highest being nearly 6000m above sea level); sand boarded down dunes to a desert oasis; crawled through underground caves lit only by candlelight; went on a black water rafting adventure; blob catapulted into a lake; giant rope swings and cliff dived into lakes in Guatemala; cabled over a lake in Columbia (on fly fox runs) …. then there was the dune buggy rides and visits to abandoned theme park (there were guard dogs roaming that park, little to our knowledge eek!).

Marcus: …and we swam with bioluminescent plankton, saw the highly endangered tarsier (only living in remote islands of South-East Asia now).

Hannah: What experiences pop into your mind as being culturally enriching?

Ryan: I hitchhiked with a gypsy in Portugal. We were invited into have meals with Vietnamese, Belgian and Brazilian families and a kiwi couple that I can think of. We both lived with different local Mexican Families whilst studying Spanish in Oaxaca City. We also visited an interesting underground bar in South America (it was very eye opening and culturally relevant!).

Marcus: For me, studying Spanish epitomized cultural immersion. Our first experiences was living with different Mexican families who didn’t any English! Made for interesting dinner conversation! After we were able to communicate, it was amazing to see how you can feel that much more connected to a place if you can converse with locals!

Hannah: Have we missed anything guys?

Ryan: I also went para gliding over the orange beach cliffs of Brazil. We trekked and camped in the Andes mountain ranges. Snorkelled with turtles, sea snakes, all sorts of fish including nemo, also around a shipwreck in the Philippines. Oh and one more ‘festival’/ event we briefly attended was the miss taken El Nido Pageant hahaha

Hannah: How do you document your experiences?

Marcus:  We took GoPros everywhere with us and didn’t hesitate to grab footage whenever we could. We created a hashtag for our adventures and posted lots of content on instagram, facebook and created a few videos for Youtube. All our photos, videos and stories can be found using #T2E1516. Our instagram profiles are @marcus_wallis and @lewis_ryan. Marcus’ youtube page can be found by search ‘Marcus Wallis’ or clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wRxLRwg5K9jb0dtsrCNKQ.

Hannah: Any plans to reunite for a sequel?

Ryan:  I feel like we would both drop everything to do it to create a second edition of the World Tour in a heartbeat haha. However I think we both now want to gain a bit more experience in the fields of our degrees and also save some cashola for when the travel bug really bites hard again, as we both know it will! Marcus will definitely be the first one I invite on any adventure I take, that’s a given!

Marcus:  I would give anything to be in a position like we previously were! Two best mates, no commitments, a little bit of cash and a dream to explore more of this incredible planet! At this time, we both are motivated to advance ourselves in our selected careers, and save up some more money. We’ve both got little ideas of things we want to do, and places we want to see; but after all we’ve been through together, there is no reason why we wouldn’t!

Hannah: What is our advice to others aspiring to travel? Do you have any insider tips?

Ryan: In the now famous words of Shia LeBeouf, “don’t let your dreams just be dreams, make your dreams come true, JUST DO IT”. Travel to experience new things, not just to say you’ve been there or to tick something off a list. Again, as clichéd as this might sound, but approaching your travel with an open mind and flexibility to allow change will ultimately be the most rewarding. Get amongst this incredible world we live in people!

Marcus: Shia is such a wise young man! My advice would be to firstly ask questions. You don’t travel to talk about yourself, but to learn from others! Ask anyone who has travelled – “do you regret it’? You’ll never here a NO! haha Secondly, that travelling is less about the places you see, and the things you do… but who you experience things with. Put yourself out there, go and say G’Day!

WARNING Travellers, dreamers and adventurists beware – these videos are highly infectious and will result in extreme wanderlust. ENJOY!

South East Asia Adventures

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Volcano Boarding

Want more Videos ? Visit Youtube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wRxLRwg5K9jb0dtsrCNKQ.
Don’t forget to follow Marcus and Ryan on Instagram @marcus_wallis @lewis_ryan

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