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BYInspired with an Ambassador… Coelia Pelletier

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BYInspired with an Ambassador… Coelia Pelletier

BY :‬ When and How did you become passionate about yoga‭/ ‬travel‭?‬

I have started yoga 5 ‬years ago‭, ‬in Dubai. ‬I used to practice rhythmic gymnastics very intensively until the age of 21‭ ‬and when‭ ‬I stopped‭, ‬I really wanted to find‭ ‬another activity‭, ‬which could bring me the same inner joy and passion than RG‭.‬
Starting with some very dynamic and strong practices‭, ‬I could find a rhythm‭ ‬and a certain discipline in my life‭. ‬I decided to explore more the path of yoga and it has taken me to‭ ‬new perspectives‭. ‬My inner world through the journey of yoga has become clear‭, ‬stable and profound‭.‬

BY : What is your most memorable trip‭, ‬experience‭?‬

My trip to Thailand‭ ‬definitely‭ !‬‭ ‬I met there the most incredible bunch of people ever‭. ‬They became my family‭; ‬we’re sharing the same passion for yoga and traveling‭, ‬the same goals in life‭. ‬And the place where I stayed‭, ‬Vikasa‭, ‬was the most comfortable bubble on earth‭.‬

BY :‬ So far which country is your favorite‭?‬

I would say Cuba‭; ‬I could feel completely out of time there‭.‬
I’ve also adored South Africa‭, ‬being able to observe that many animals in the National Kruger Park‭, ‬was definitely an unforgettable experience‭.‬

BY : Any good address to share‭?‬

For a delicious brunch in Dubai‭, ‬go to Shakespeare‭ & ‬Co‭, ‬they have a huge gluten free section on the menu‭, ‬and the decoration is very original‭. ‬BMK mall in Bangkok where you can basically find anything for‭ ‬cheap prices‭. ‬The hotel Amarvillas Oberoi‭, ‬in Agra‭, ‬India‭, ‬is probably the most beautiful place where I had the opportunity to‭ ‬stay‭, ‬and has an amazing view on the Taj Mahal‭.‬

BY :‬ For you‭, ‬where is‭ ‬“the place to be”‭?‬

With yourself‭. ‬Could be anywhere‭, ‬as long as you are truly happy with your inner self‭, ‬I truly believe that this is your place to be‭!‬

BY :‬ One quote that is defining you‭ ?‬

Home is where your hear love within stillness‭.‬

BY :‬ What do you think is the most important benefit that you have gained from your‭ ‬yogi‭/ ‬travel experience ‭?‬

I’ve learnt how it could be beautiful to be alone sometimes‭. ‬Understanding that nothing is wrong with you‭. ‬Acknowledging that only you can be your unique source of happiness‭. ‬Enjoying each minute that life is offering to us‭.‬

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