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BYInspired with… Lia Muczenski

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BYInspired with… Lia Muczenski

Lia Muczenski was born in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1964 and has been living in Portugal since 2006. She started with professional contemporary dance when she was 20 years old and it was during that phase of her life that she evolved a very deep understanding of her human body as an entry door to her soul. Since that time she has been dedicating herself to healing processes of the human being through the body. She became a Body Worker and Psychotherapist working with many people recover their full potential on a very deep level.

Lia is a Yoga Instructor (Vinyasa Flow), trained and well experienced as a Counselor in Inner Child Therapy and Co-Dependency with additional knowledge in Family Constallations (Bert Hellinger), Trauma Healing (specially Somatic Experience by Steven Levin). She is specialized in working with people who experienced trauma in early childhood. Her training includes Holístic Massage, Body Work (Body-Mind Centering) and since 2011 Advanced Watsu Practitioner (Shiatsu in Water). Lia Muczenski has been organizing and guiding for many years Yoga retreats, Meditation, Dance and Movement and Detox Retreats for many years in several places in Europe. She owns Omassim Guest House in Portugal.

BY: Where do you call home and when did yoga first become a part of your life?

I live at Omassim and Portugal has been my home for many years. Originally, I’m born in South Germany, I grew up there and stayed there until I was 20 and then lived in Berlin for 22 years. I did many things, including dance and performance, but always doing something creative. At 35, I started teaching yoga and doing bodywork. A mentor, Bonnie B. Cohen, she was a circus child doing artistic numbers and then she created this style of bodywork which inspired me. When I met her in the 90’s, she focused on handicapped babies with brain difficulties, stimulating the reflexes, etc. I found her work to be very inspiring and interesting. Only since 2007 have I been teaching yoga, but I was always practicing since the age of 19 or 20.

BY: As a retreat teacher, what’s the most important lesson that you can bring to your students in a short amount of time?

Focusing on yourself, bringing your awareness home. Feeling and sensing what you do. Connecting with the breath. Feeling yourself. I think we are so far away from feeling ourselves and so obsessed with being someone else. Getting a sense of me, who am I, and that there is something more.

BY: What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?

Astavakrasana, or scissor – its an arm balancing pose that’s all about feeling alignment with your body.

BY: What’s a pose that you don’t like, or that you find particularly challenging?

All the back bendings – my shoulders are really tight and my hips are tight. My back is quite flexible but I need to be really careful to not bend from the lower back. Archer is also difficult with the tight shoulders.

BY: When you practice, do you listen to music? If so, what’s your favorite yoga music?

Yes, I love listening to music when I practice. I love the dynamic mantra singing but I like the rhythmic music and less lyrics. Everyone is teasing me that my yoga looks more like a dance. I love to flow and play with movements and asanas. Many times I’m making up the classes as I go, in the moment.

BY: Tell us some more about you. What do you like to do for fun? How do you spend your down time?

I love going for walks, seeing the sea and sitting next to the ocean. Not being social is also a nice way to spend downtime, as I’m often around people at the house. I love to go to yoga classes and 5 rhythm classes. Walking the dog is also a favorite. I also love being home, so that’s why I started this guest house.

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