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Catch the waves and fresh fish in Tamraght

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Catch the waves and fresh fish in Tamraght

Tamraght, Morocco is a small fishing village situated 17 kilometers north of Agadir. It sits on a hillside, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean; in recent years, this has been an attractive place for hopeful Europeans, looking for a second home near the coast. It is rather inexpensive compared to surrounding cities.

Although you will not necessarily find fine-dining restaurants, there are surf shacks accompanied by casual drink kiosks and surf shacks. There will be places on the beach to get a sandwich; for a treat, you can find freshly-made seafood everyday, as the fishermen are bringing their catches in every single day.



Berber, Moroccan Arabic, and French

Moroccan Dirhams

Important dates in Tamraght

  • June 26 – End of Ramadan
  • July 30 – Feast of the Throne
  • September 21 – Islamic New Year
  • November 18 – Independence Day

To check out a full list of holidays celebrated in Tamraght, click here.

Good to know

90 day Visitor Access (no visa required) for the following: Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA.

Citizens of nations not listed above require a visa. Please check with your relevant embassy for up to date info.

Culture and Etiquette in Tamraght

A nation unique to the rest of Africa, its identity, lifestyle and culture is a mixture of all the visitors from years gone by. From the nomadic desert wanderers, the traditional Berbers, Arabic influence, Portuguese architecture, and more recently the French. It is rare to come across a Moroccan that didn’t speak three languages or more, fluently! They are the true polyglots. In Tamraght, a traveler will hear much more Berber than many other places within Morocco, because of its dense indigenous culture.

As a country, Morocco is considered a conservative nation however also quite progressive. You may notice Tamraght is more traditional than others, but with the influx of foreigners, there is less judgement or ridicule of what might be traditionally considered as ‘taboo’.

It is rather common to see a woman laying out on the beach in her bikini while sitting just kilometers away from another woman in her burka. Residents may appear curious at first but most are accustomed to visitors and generally very welcoming. Usually, everyone coexists very well. The natives and locals seem very pleased to have travelers and tourist; it is nice as a tourist if you take consideration of the tradition in some capacity–in a way to show your appreciation for the culture.

Since Tamraght is a dry city, if you wish to enjoy some beer after the beach, you will need to get it from Agadir before arriving. It is completely dry, so no alcohol will be sold.

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