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Colombian Cuisine: What You Should Eat!

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Colombian Cuisine: What You Should Eat!

Colombian food is often overlooked– a sad truth that unfortunately, doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. Full of flavor, and easily accessible on virtually every street corner in Colombian cities, the food in Colombia is a real treat.

Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa could be considered one of Colombia’s national dishes. Typically served as a plate, with white rice and red beans, bandeja paisa is a full meal of meats, plantains, corn, avocado, and even an egg! Restaurants will often serve half, or even quarter plate portions of this super filling meal.


Soup is something that Colombia does exceptionally well. Ajiaco is a region- specific soup to the the more mountainous regions of the country, and is a white soup made of potatoes, chicken, corn, and usually served with white rice and avocados. Delicious!


Arepas are both a snack and a meal, depending on your mood! A puffy round circle of dough, either served plain (which is quite boring, honestly) or filled with chocolate (yummy!) or cheese (yummy!) or even a cracked and fried egg, every region has its own way to make and eat arepas.


Fritanga is like the hot-pot of Colombia. Or the fondue of Colombia. Or the potluck dinner of Colombia. A large plate of varied grilled and cooked meats, served with potatoes, corn, and other sides, Fritanga is meant to be shared among family and friends.


Tamales are found all over Central and South America, and because of this, are served in all different ways with all different fillings. Colombians, in particular, like to eat their tamales filled with meat, vegetables, fruits, or cheese, and wrapped in plantain leaves.

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