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Delicious places to eat and drink in Casperia, Italy

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Delicious places to eat and drink in Casperia, Italy

For all of our food-lovin’ Yogis and Yoginis out there whose expression gets a little vacant when thinking about what they are going to eat for lunch, and plan their next meal while they are still eating the current one. This page is for you.

A mecca for foodies, Italy is famed for its simple yet delicious ingredients, fresh fruits and olive oil. Our recommendations below combine the fine dining of Italy with stunning views and relaxed pace the nation’s food culture is world famous for. To keep with our healthy yogi philosophy, we’ve included restaurants that source food locally or onsite and that cater for vegetarians and vegans. So peruse the list, get inspired, and hit the hills to find your next meal, bon apetito!

il Terbinito

A gem in the countryside where tables are surrounded by a grove of trees, come in the evening for the opportunity to catch a stunning sunset. The food is a work of art possibly too beautiful to eat.

Ristorante Agriturismo Frangellini

A rustic treat. Here the menu is derived from the fresh foods grown on the farm. Dine for a bit then gallop around the grounds, running through grape vines, olive branches and more. This is Italy countryside at its finest!

Il Gelso Nero Agriturismo Restaurant

A pure taste of Italy, this house on the hillside overlooks olive plantations and a small garden where the family grow their produce for whatever seasonal food they have in mind for you to enjoy. There’s no menu, but the family makes a daily decision on what fresh, seasonal food they decide to dish out.

Osteria Vigna

Osteria Vigna offers the best sunsets in Casperia and is certainly not to be missed. The focus here is olive oil and dishes are carefully chosen and brought to life by the many varieties. Olive oil paring is also available, where foods are combined with oils to compliment each other just as with wines.

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