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Discover delicious bites in El Salvador

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Discover delicious bites in El Salvador

Many El Salvadorian dishes are centered around maize, the Spanish term for corn. As many other hispanic cultures, beans and rice are incorporated with corn for a hearty, filling meal. Pupusa is a traditional dish made with corn or flour tortillas, filled with cheese, chicharrón (cooked pork meat ground to a paste consistency), and refried beans. Of course, there are more than enough restaurants that will serve traditional El Salvadorian food. Finish up your meal with a beautiful cup of fresh coffee, as the nation is known for its many coffee plantations.

Most meals are going to be quite cheap–just $4 for a nice lunch. Now, if you want something more specific to dietary needs, you might find yourself paying much more, even two times or three times as much. All the same, the capital in particular does provide varied cuisines, including vegan and vegetarian options.

Pakora Hut

Pakora Hut offers a taste of India in Central America. As most of us know, yoga blossomed in India; you can continue your practice off of the mat, as Indian food usually gives many vegetarian options, while still offering the meat eater delicious Tikka Masala or Tandoori chicken. Indian food consists of rich stew-like curries with paneer cheeses, and the ever-famous naan bread. If you have yet to taste India, Pakora Hut actually provides a delicious bite, in the midst of Central America.

To view the menu.

To get here: 520, Calle La Mascota, San Salvador CP 1101, El Salvador


Health as their mission, this is a unique spot, where you can grab lunch AND a yoga class! This self-acclaimed holistic cafe is doing something right, as they have been in business since 1986. They have seen El Salvador through its many ups and downs, feeding locals and travelers alike, with love through colorful veggies and delicious baked goods. Although the salad bar is highly recommended, Kalpatura still offers a variety of foods, including fried appetizers and yummy soups. Variety is considered the spice of life!

Yoga Classes: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30-9:30am ($5 drop-in)

Check out the Breakfast Menu.

Check out the Entree Menu.

To get there: Calle La Mascota, San Salvador, El Salvador

La Pampa

If you find yourself in San Miguel, El Salvador, you might want to check out this eclectic mix of bar food, burgers, pasta, and great drinks. This is likened to a ‘bar & grill’ in other parts of the world. You can sit down, enjoy a drink, while enjoying a large, hot meal. There are vegetarian options along with wonderful surf & turf offers, so it will satisfy even the most diverse party of yogis. On weekends, it seems it could get crowded so do not be surprised if there is a small wait. We are sure, it is worth it! They also offer breakfast, for those of you who want to fill up before a big day of adventuring.

Check out The Menu.

To get there: Avenida Nicaragua, San Miguel, El Salvador

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