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Don’t be Hungry in Hvar

Don’t be Hungry in Hvar

There’s really nothing better than a plate of fresh seafood, caught hours before and served steaming and perfectly seasoned at a restaurant overlooking a grand coastline at sunset–and this is exactly what you can expect in Hvar, Croatia. Though the country is known primarily for it’s Slavic-centered cuisine, Hvar is heavily influenced by its location in the Adriatic sea and it’s reputation as an influential port city. As such, the island features deliciously fresh seafood and Mediterranean style seasonings.

Though you probably came to Hvar for the beautiful architecture, sunshine and pristine beaches, we think you’ll come back for the food! Especially if you eat at some of the places we put on our list below, which we think exemplify the island’s delicious cuisine.


Dalmatino, named for the chain of Dalmatian islands of which Hvar is a part, is one of the most authentic and tastiest restaurants in Hvar. It features great staff, an upbeat atmosphere and fresh, local ingredients. Most of the menu is made up of local dishes, so you can get an authentic Croatian experience, and it’s not so expensive to break the bank. You can find more information about Dalmatino at their website.

Grab a quick bite at Falco’s Beach Bar

This is not an elegant dining experience, but definitely an enjoyable one! A beach bar where shorts and sandals are welcomed by staff, this is a great place to have a drink and a burger, and it doesn’t get any closer to the beach than this: the restaurant is located right on the sand! There’s no better place to have a beer and watch the sun go down over the Adriatic sea.

Zori Restaurant

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion and have a bit of money to spend, the absolute best place to go is Zori. Though this is a quite fancy restaurant, they feature the freshest seafood and meat anywhere on the island (and maybe anywhere in Croatia!). You can feast on local meats, cheeses and freshly caught fish, and have an attentive staff that is 100% dedicated to your satisfaction and every need.

Take a peak at the menu and at some pictures of the beautifully prepared food at their website.

The Wine Bar – Tri Prsuta

The best place to grab a drink with some hors d’oeuvres in all of Hvar is probably the Wine Bar Tri Prsuta. This is a quaint but lively little venue with very attentive staff and a huge selection of Croatian wines. What’s even better is that the owner can often be seen walking around and recommending wines to guests to help them find the perfect choice. A super place for anyone who has a special interest in wine!

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