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Eat your way through stewed mole and sweet tamales in Mexico

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Eat your way through stewed mole and sweet tamales in Mexico

Mexico is know for guacamole, homemade salsas, tacos, and burritos. Well, at least that is what foreigners think of the nation’s cuisine, but there is much more to the myriad, of flavors. An entanglement of herbs, spices, dried peppers, and lime infusion, the dishes pack a punch of flavor.

Every region of Mexico differs in its unique rendition of certain dishes; some regions create plates that cannot be found in any other state of Mexico. Most people of the United States are now accustomed to ‘tex-mex’, which has nothing on the traditional stewed, slow-cooked indulgent dishes that all else is based from.

In local places, try local foods, ‘mom & pop’ shops, and inconspicuous restaurants; you might find a gem on the side of a dusty road.


Dating back to the Mayan era, people used corn tortillas to wrap about fish fillets. Now a days, they are made with chicken, beef, and pork. Usually sprinkled with cheese, it can be filled with vegetables (bell peppers, onions, jalapenos) as well. Always baked with chili sauce drizzled over the top. Enchiladas can be served at any time of day, but it is usually consumed in the morning, for breakfast.

If you cannot make it to Mexico on this Meatless Monday, try a recommended, well reviewed vegetarian enchilada recipe. Bring flavor to your family!


Another ancient food, tamales were a practical food to bring along on journeys and battles within the Mayan, Incan, and Aztecan tribes. Corn dough formed around ingredients, they can be either sweet or savory. It is up to the creator. Some sweet tamales are filled with dried cherries, fresh fruits, nuts, and raisins; salty meats, moles, and chilis fill the more savory tamales. Known for the distinctive corn husk wrap that holds them together while steaming, it must first be removed before eating.

If you are interested in preparing tamales dulce (sweet tamales) at home.


When in Mexico, you must try mole. It is a unique taste to this particular nation. It is a sauce that doubles as the reference to any dish that utilizes it. Usually, it will consist of shredded chicken, beef, or pork. Although there is a plethora of variety in the mole game, all true moles contain at least 20 ingredients and must be stirred constantly. This is a truly authentic dish that you will want to try in the native land. It is not an easy dish to whip up at home, so it is perfect for a night out on your travels.

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