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Eat your way through ‘The Spice Islands’ of Zanzibar

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Eat your way through ‘The Spice Islands’ of Zanzibar

Zanzibar cuisine is a mixture of varied cultures on a plate; with a history of trade, the multi-ethnic nature of this Tanzanian region can be tasted through its most traditional dishes. Bantu, Arab, British, Indian, Chinese, and Portuguese flavors mix together harmoniously to make some of the most unique foods in Africa.

When traveling to Zanzibar, try some of the local food, even if you are a semi-picky eater. Do not let that deter you from breathing in the entire adventure.Biryani and Pilau Rice are two of the Zanzibar faves. Sure, some of us have dietary restrictions, and that is totally understandable.

Eating local is most often the best way to go when traveling anywhere in the world, so we have formulated a small list of bites you might be interested in. It takes a little energy and time out of your decision making for a couple of meals!


You roll off the sandy beach and you are looking for a casual place, with good, authentic East African food–so where do you go? Lukmaan is a local spot frequented by both travelers and natives, alike. Be ready to possibly wait in a long line, as the word has gotten out. All the same, the value and taste is well worth a visit. Serving everything from fresh fruit juices to fish curry and beef stews, Lukmaan will have something to satisfy every type of traveler.

To get there: Mkunazini, Stone Town, Zanzibar City, Tanzania

To get in contact: +255 777 482 131

Ma Saa Allah Cafe

Another place that keeps prices reasonable for the travelers and locals, is Ma Saa Allah Cafe. This is a true fusion of African cuisine and Indian cuisine; as these two cultures have gracefully danced with one another through centuries of political and economical change with this region, so too have their varied tastes. Now, you can go to this cafe and take a bite out of this extraordinary hybrid of two rather different ethnicities. As most all restaurants on the coast, you can get fresh catches here. You can expect to smell curry and tandoori chicken, like you might at an Indian restaurant anywhere else on earth. This is also a perfect place to satisfy vegetarians and vegans.

Discover more about Ma Shaa Allah Cafe.

6 Degree South Grill & Wine Bar

If you are cleaned up and looking for a versatile space for a ‘date night’ or ‘ladies night out’, 6 Degree very well could be the perfect space. Functioning as a semi-swanky night club, it also has great food tastings. With fresh catch, seafood pasta, and sushi, the sea lover will absolute delight in this chic space. Wind down with a happy hour cocktail, well-liked by many, and eat up delicious views of sunset and oceanic scenery. Life feels chill here, but just know, you will pay for the neat cocktails, delectable nibbles, gorgeous views, and good vibes. Although this should not deter you, if you can splurge for a night of pampering; just come prepared to spend more than you might at another local, lunch spot.

Explore the cocktails and bites at 6 Degree South.

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