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About EPIC

Epic Festival is an international Yoga, Art and Philanthropy Festival uniting state-of-the-art Yoga experiences with world-changing social development projects infused by unforgettable art and music performances.

The festival brings together yoga professionals and enthusiasts, musicians, artists and humanitarians in a unique and festive gathering both multisensorial and mystical.

During 3 days, 5 transcendental yoga Fusion Master-classes, each designed as a multi-sensorial experience, are led by international yoga experts and accompanied by performances, DJs and live music.

Empower People, Inspire Change

“EPIC is more than a festival. It’s a movement.”

Make a positive impact with EPIC Festival

Your presence and purchase with EPIC directly impacts the future wellbeing of youth and communities at large on the African Continent by supporting social impact projects that have a proven track record to empower and change the lives of thousands.

Join us at EPIC and 10% of all profits will be donated directly to the selected african organisations.

EPIC Yoga Festival comes from a dream.

A dream of creating time and space for unifying people who are dedicated to the uplifting of hearts and soul on a daily basis.

Epic Yoga Festival is born of an alchemy.

Epic Yoga Festival is the alchemical result of wellbeing enthusiasts from many regions of the world combining  their experience and wisdom to create a larger positive collective impact on social conditions in Africa and beyond.

Just like an invisible hand magically coming to align stars, EPIC Yoga Festival is a movement for the empowerment of all beings, inspired by the many mystical traditions found around the world, paired with the transformative potential of Yoga.

The EPIC Program Focus: At the first festival of its kind in Morocco, over 1000 people will gather to attend 5 Yoga Fusion Master-Classes, each consisting of 3 hours yoga practice enriched with live musical performances. Mystical and multisensory experiences take the participants on unforgettable inner and cultural journeys leaving them inspired and transformed.

This festival is an African poem of pride and joy. It brings together artists, citizens, musicians, yogis, thought leaders and philanthropists around the same cause: To promote Africa as a humanitarian, artistic, strong and colorful continent.



This movement illustrates the possibility of changing lives with yoga, inspires global citizens to engage in social change and cultivates collective empowerment through sharing ideas, knowledge and human connections.

We believe in changing the world for the better starting from within. Gifting the world with real-life success stories presented by global change-makers, our aim is to inspire and invoke a call to action in all participants. All presentations are extremely successful examples of how foundations in yogic wisdom can create positive and long lasting change.

EPIC Yoga Festival highly encourages global philanthropy and is raising funds for high impact projects in Africa while initiating pilot projects which will benefit thousands in some of the African communities most in need.

The beautiful EPIC team

Nabil Scally

Co-founder and Director of Operations

Aurélie Martin Scally

Co-founder and Director of Operations

Kali G

Music Director

Diane Prigent

Public Relationship and Program

Giulia Lops


Maria Grzywacz

Social Media and Community Manager

Martina Cunockova

Event and Relationship Management

Floriann Wiatrowski

Digital Communication

Jeneva Leonard Kutler

Business Relationship

Catherine Eualet

Graphic and Web Designer