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EPIC’s Partners & Sponsors

EPIC Yoga Festival appreciates our partners & sponsors for their commitment and generous contribution to the festival experience. Sponsors are crucial to the success of the movement as they make discovery, new connections with attendees, and contribute directly to the EPIC Yoga community across the world. EPIC Yoga Sponsors provide resources and experiences that benefit our registrants and attendees while enhancing the overall magic that EPIC Yoga Festival aims to provide. Our sponsors also participate in local and global initiatives for the betterment of community near and far; we feel honored to have their friendship and support on the EPIC Yoga Festival Project.

EPIC Yoga Festival Sponsors

EPIC Yoga Festival co-organizers


OM Yoga Morocco is the main organizer and at the head of EPIC Yoga Festival. It is the first multi-disciplinary state-of-the-art yoga studio in Africa that brings experts in mind-body connection and yoga to the continent. Om Yoga combines their exclusive offering with high-end retreats within the premises of luxury hotels & resorts. The first annual EPIC Yoga Festival is organized by the Om Yoga Morocco team, who is proud to contribute to the benefit of local and international communities with passion and dedication.


BookingYoga.com is a co-organizer and the ticketing partner of the Festival. On this platform, yogis from across the globe can find any yoga offering in the form of classes, retreats, seminars and trainings. In partnership with EPIC Yoga, BookingYoga.com aims to promote the platform in the global community of well-being leaders all the while supporting high-impact social projects that empower and transform the lives of thousands.

EPIC Yoga Festival Official Partners

MACAAL Marrakech

MACAAL, the Museum of Contemporary African Art Al Maaden in Marrakech, who is exclusively dedicated to the promotion of African Contemporary Art, is partnering in the artistic direction of EPIC Yoga Festival. The MACAAL will incorporate a visual and artistic dimension to the multi-sensorial Yoga Fusion Master-classes. Moreover, MACAAL will offer an onsite presentation of selected artists engaged in the development of Africa.

Logo movenpick- Alpha sans fond

The elegant Mövenpick Mansour Eddahbi Marrakech property is home to the largest venue for group functions in the city, the Palais des Congres. Through the partnership, two of EPIC Yoga Festival Master classes will be held at the Palais des Congres. Mövenpick is also our host hotel for the event. The Om Yoga Marrakech Studio is situated on the Mövenpick hotel property.

Al Maaden

Al Maaden Golf Resorts is the first park of monumental sculptures in Africa. At the heart of a hilly countryside, facing the Atlas Mountains, the golf melts in a fabulous wooded setting with regular curves, alternating plains and landforms. As an official partner of EPIC Yoga Festival, Al Maaden is hosting the outdoor Yoga Fusion Master classes and is one of out host hotels for the event.