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The EPIC Program

Join us for three days of epic experiences during International Yoga Day 2019.

EPIC Yoga Festival, held in Marrakech, Morocco, will feature an eclectic mix of yoga from around the world, modern DJ’s and traditional African musicians, and opportunities to engage with visionary African artists.

This is a unique opportunity to practice yoga and create change while experiencing the ancient vitality and rich cultures of the African Continent!

It’s not just a festival.

It’s a movement !


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Yoga classes

10am to 5pm

Om Yoga Studio Marrakech at Mövenpick Hotel Marrakech

Yoga Classes all day at Om Yoga Studio Marrakech.

A special and exclusive yoga programmation will celebrate the launch of the festival as well as International Yoga Day. To celebrate this date and the opening of the Festival, Om Yoga Marrakech will open its doors and offer a special schedule showcasing some of the most innovative and trendy yoga classes.



8pm to 11pm

Al Maaden Golf and Resorts

A tribute to the Moroccan music and dance.
The opening night is a tribute to Moroccan artistic culture. The festival-goers will participate in a unique Master Class driven by the energy of Gnawas and trance inducing Arab vocals.




8am to 10am

Al Maaden Golf and Resorts

Sun Salutation and organic electro music.

This Master Class is a salutation between the yogi and the picturesque Marrakech sunrise. The accompanying musical experience invokes the sublime through an exquisite co-creation between electronic DJs and the more organic sounds of world music acoustics.



2pm to 5pm

Palais des Congrès Marrakech

The unforgettable Open Heart Experience.
Taking place in the Royal hall of the Palais des Congres in Marrakech, this Master Class will open with an immersive video presentation portraying the heart and soul of Project Soar Morocco and Africa Yoga Project followed by a beautiful talk about Yoga and Arts in the African development. Then a perfect mix of yoga and Indian music designed to open the hearts will unite Festival-goers.



8pm to 11pm

Al Maaden Golf and Resorts

The vibes of the African beats!
A more primordial and instinctual Master Class, this class is created to feel the Earth through the rhythm of tam-tams and the Festival fire ceremony. It’s a time to be inspired and present with the tribal side of Africa while living through an experiential journey invoking the spirit of some of the greatest eras of human history.




8am to 10am

Al Maaden Golf and Resorts

Festival Closing: slow motion and relaxing practice.

A Master Class full of sweetness and poetry will close the Festival. Flow through the relaxing sounds of gongs and hang drums for a meditative yoga practice while being carried by some of the most beautiful poems from Africa and the Arab world.

Epic Yoga Festival SOUK

Concept & Zen store

Friday : 5pm to 10pm / Saturday : 8am to 12pm & 5pm to 10pm /Sunday : 8am to 12pm

Al Maaden Golf and Resorts

Marrakchi SOUK!

We gather together “la crème de la crème” of local brand and craftsmen in one wonderful place to create an amazing SOUK where you will be able to enjoy a relaxing experience – massage, Berber make up, henna, African hairdressing etc… – in the ZEN part;  walking around the trendy clothes and accessories of the CONCEPT STORE part and listening the brand stories by the craftsmen themselves or just get dressed by the famous brand Moroccan Touch and make a cliche souvenir in their PHOTO BOOTH!

Joana Choumali, Mme. Djeneba Haabre, "la dernière génération" (2013 – 2014 Impression sur papier Baryté, 90 x 60 cm)

The Artistic experience

In Partnership with the Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden: MACAAL.
Known for curating galleries with some of the most promising and talented contemporary African artists, the MACAAL will present an exhibition dedicated to the work of artists engaged in the development of Africa.

Epic Kids

Because our children are the future of this world, EPIC Yoga Festival is providing children with their own multi-sensorial experiences.
Artists, yoga teachers and musicians will offer fun and engaging programs for children over 4 years old.
A small glimpse into the EPIC Kids program: games around African music, pottery and painting, tribal make-up, african jewelry making, kids yoga and more…

Discover the EPIC Kids Program

Four Venues in Marrakech, Unlimited Experiences Within

Over the course of three days, the participants will flow from an exquisitely curated master class in either the Golf Al Maaden or the Palais des Congres to inspirational yoga practice or artistic discovery at the Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden: MACAAL. There will be ample opportunity to enjoy entertainment meant to spark the imagination along the way plus an array of smaller classes and workshops at the Om Yoga Studio in the Mövenpick Marrakech.


The Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden is an official partner of EPIC Yoga Festival, hosting multiple master classes on their impeccable grounds while lending their expertise in curation of all magical artistic exhibitions seen throughout the festival experience.

Palais des Congrès

The beautiful, well-curated property boasting a ballroom, auditorium, exhibition space, and more, will allow the participants to easily follow all of the program events in a grand setting.
The adjacent Movenpick Hotel facilities will connect with fellow participants, influencers, change-makers and yoga teachers. Each evening will be closed with a festive gathering or performance encouraging a joyful ending to an undeniably inspiring day.

Om Yoga Studio

Om Yoga studios are a safe haven of well-being and personal growth found in symbiotic coexistence with the bustling city lifestyles of Marrakech and Casablanca. More than just a yoga center, OM Yoga aims to be an exceptional space for those who are looking for and want to share the art of healthy, holistic, peaceful and joyful living. Om Yoga is the official yoga experience organizer of EPIC Yoga Festival.

Al Maaden Golf Resorts

Al Maaden Golf Resorts is the first park of monumental sculptures in Africa. At the heart of a hilly countryside, facing the Atlas Mountains, the golf melts in a fabulous wooded setting with regular curves, alternating plains and landforms. As an official partner of EPIC Yoga Festival, Al Maaden is hosting the outdoor Yoga Fusion Master classes and one our host hotel for the event.