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Experience Yoga in the breath of Catalonia

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Experience Yoga in the breath of Catalonia

Visit this unique piece of Spain to grab an experience that is anything but traditional. With bright colors, varying architecture, a beach near by, and mountains just a short drive away, it is a great place to enjoy a light-hearted retreat or an intensive teacher training. 

There are plenty of food experiences for the foodies, so be ready to indulge with a sizzling skillet of fresh, seafood paelle. There is magnificent opportunitiy to see art and enjoy live music. Although Barcelona has its own take on Spanish culture, a traveler can still witness some of the best of classic flamenco dancing, while going out on the town. Maybe you even decide you want to sign up for a class while you are there!

Festivals in Barcelona You Might Want to Plan For

  • January 6th : Known as the arrival of “Three Kings from the Orient”, on the 5th, there is a cavalcade; on the 6th, both children and adults receive toys and gifts.
  • February/March: Barcelona is competing with Rio in their recognition of carnival. While it was banned by the rulers for many years, the millennials are fully reviving the celebration. With music and a lot of dancing, they celebrate in elaborate dresses and ride on floats.
  • May/June: The Primavera Sound Festival takes place in the early summer months. It is a space for alternative rock, indie, and dance music. Research tickets and gather more information by taking a visit here.
  • Mid-August: Festa Major de Gracia is certainly the most famous of Barcelona’s festivals. During this time, the streets are adorned in paper statues, ornaments, and decorative lanterns. To find out more about this year’s event, click here.

Good to Keep in mind !

In Barcelona, the official language is Catalan. Spanish is widely spoken here as well, but there are many people who take pride in their Catalonian culture, so just be aware of this before speaking with natives.

Most eateries and cafes will shut down at midday for about 2 hours, before opening for dinner. This is a time for rest and relaxation. Since Barcelona is a huge city, some places will remain open through the entire day, but do not count on it, as these are select places.

Culture Notes and Must Sees in Barcelona

Catalans are extremely proud of their identity, culture, and language. It differs drastically from Spanish culture, so insure that you are informed and respectful. They have two co-official language, which is specific only to this region of Spain.

If traveling in July, you might take a look at the Barcelona Yoga Conference. Yogis will meet up, share lectures, ask round-table questions, enjoy conversation, classes, and much more. In attendance are practitioners and teachers from all over the world. This year, it will be held from July 19-23. Visit the link.

If you are meandering around to sightsee, make sure you are still aware of what is going on around you. Pick pocketing is quite usual here; if you are on guard, most likely, thieves will not see you as an easy target. Stay connected to your book bags, cameras, and anything else you would not want to see run away!

Being the most progressive, cosmopolitan city in Spain, there are plenty of sights to see and things to do; there are art museums, and there is live music at most places. Parc Güell stands overlooking both the city and the ocenan. Its intricate, detailed mosaics shine in the light; it was originally built between 1900-1914 by Antoni Gaudí. Even if art is not really ‘your thing’, it is still impressive.

If you are looking for art in religious form, visit one of his other works of architecture,  Sagrada Familia, which is a huge cathedral that stands tall, being categorized as the largest, unfinished Roman Cathedral in the world.

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