Cusco, Peru


Muyol Willka Hampi programs offer a space to discover the art of constructive discussion that can change our vision of life, our way of relating, and the capacity to manifest practical actions. We bring discussions to life through our community’s creative and experimental environment, where the themes we talk about are directly contextualized through daily personal life, in our community, and in the greater world. We aim to connect with the present to see the common point on which we can work together and act to make real changes in the world around us.
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    7 Days / 6 Nights

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    Max 10 people

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    Peru, Cusco


Discover the ancestral traditions and learn about Sacred Plants
Deepen your relationship with the medicine process

Course description

Community Process Gateway Program - 1 week This program marks the second step in your discovery of shamanism, community, and global dynamics, and manifesting your dreams through a practical project. The Community Process Gateway is designed to help you naturally transition from the Sacred Wheel Medicine Program or the Sacred Feminine & Leadership Program into our community’s Leadership Formation Process. It is also a program for those who wish to extend their first week of learning and deepen their relationship with the medicine process through personal mentorship to clarify their path and project plans. You will be assigned a dedicated mentor from our core community, to guide you in integrating into the community medicine process, sectors and projects, and to accompany you in the development of your own project. During the week you will receive three half-day courses which correspond to your areas of interest. As well, you will receive three half-days of mentoring in sectors of your choice to see how we develop them on a global vision, and how you can participate in various ways. Your assigned community mentor will meet with you on a daily basis to ensure that your process is developing in the most beneficial way, see how you are integrating into process meetings, and help apply lessons from ceremonies into your daily life. There is the opportunity to enter into a Sacred Plant ceremony during this week. After completing this program, you have the option to enter into our Leadership Formation process. Objectives Connect with the sacred archetypes and the power of NatureDiscover the science of the sacred medicines and the ancestral spirits, to encounter confidence in ourselves as authentic human beings and leaders integrate our personal path into a healthy dynamic of circle and clan living Approach The Sacred Wheel provides a structural basis for our methodology. This sacred geometry is defined by the following three core elements, which we relate to in our daily life and ceremonial process. We facilitate others to apply these principles in their own lives. The Circle Humans are communal by nature, and like our ancestors, we flourish in a complementary dynamic with each other. We call this ‘circle consciousness’. In our secular society, humans have been drawn away from their natural state of living in clan, and its moral and spiritual principles. However, now many people are feeling the discontent of separation and ego-centrism, and seek to rekindle their natural longing for community. We need to learn from Nature and its ancestral spirits how to live in community again, as brothers and sisters. Our methodology permits us to identify that which blocks us from relating in circle consciousness, and the means to unlock our true individual potential in this healthy collective. We work in a practical way through the Circle, following the mystic thread of lessons given by the abuelo spirits. In this way we are able to make decisions that benefit both the collective and its members. The Center In ancient traditions, the Center appears as the Sacred Fire - the source of second (‘spiritual’) birth, without which one remains in temporal, material consciousness. The Sacred Fire calls us to encounter our personal path which is woven into the global project of humanity. Practically, we cultivate the centering of our minds and hearts through meditation, communal chanting, ceremonial rituals, and devotional service to Life. The Verticality The upright posture of human beings aligns with the vertical axis of the Sacred Wheel, reflecting our ability to distinguish between up and down. This is unique to human consciousness and allows us to connect with higher realms, where ancestral masters and medicine spirits can transmit their sacred knowledge to us. Our methodology cultivates the consciousness of being a student, learning to receive mystic lessons from these sacred masters. Verticality means lineage: transmitting and receiving from master to disciple. As ancestral traditions disappear, humanity is losing this sacred relation which serves as a bridge between generations. In addition, the Verticality of the Sacred Wheel corresponds to our internal physiology. We can learn to realign our chakras, awakening our spiritual heart, intellect, emotion, intuition and imagination. Complete: \'Sacred Wheel Medicine\' or \'Sacred Feminine & Leadership\' Minimum age: 18 years old.

About the place

We are blessed to live in the Sacred Valley of the Incas – home of Machu Picchu – in the Peruvian Andes. Host to most of our community members, our main home is situated in a secluded, rural area of the Sacred Valley. We are a short distance to amenities in the archaeological town of Pisaq, and a short ride away from the cultural capital of Cusco. This is also the site of our introductory programs and formation process. As our most developed property, it is fitted with spacious and comfortable guest rooms, temples, communal spaces, kitchens, hot showers, electricity, internet, a library, art workshop, food garden, sweat lodge, and sauna. Accommodation Our community is located in the mountains 30 minutes walk from the first village (15 minutes by motorbike). Very quiet area. Communal house with a patio. Ten shared rooms (2 single beds). Beds equipped with large blankets. Temple. Inipi. Small internal shop (hygiene products, fruit juices, chocolate wallets, crafts, ...). A common lounge and chill out. Meals are common, prepared for you. You will live with members of the community, in the spirit of a traditional clan.


Vegetarian (without garlic, without onion) No alcohol. No drugs.

Things to do

Holistic treatments

Temaskal / Inipi ceremony (traditional sauna) Sacred Plants ceremony (ayahuasca, san pedro) Astrology reading

Other activities

Visit the Ruins of Pisac. Discover the traditional crafts in the Market in Pisac. Take a class of Quechua in Sonqo Wasi; our near partner. Go to our Eco-Village near the Machu Pichu.

Inclusions & Exclusions

What’s included

6 Nights Accommodation (room, 3 vegetarian meals, hot shower, internet connection) Program (class, ceremony, kirtan, activities like Yoga, Documentaries,...)

What’s not included

Airfare Airport transfers Travel insurance All services not listed above

Additionnal information

Meeting point

At the retreat center. When you register you receive automatically a welcome pack who explain to you how to join us.

How to get there

In Cusco, take a taxi in the street and ask to go to Calle Puputi (6 soles in total- less than 10 minutes). In Calle Puputi take a minibus to join Pisac (4 soles per person-35 minuts). In Pisac, take a mototaxi to join La Casa de Gopal en Huayaquen (20 minuts - 25 soles in total)

Airport transfers

Airport transfers are not included in this retreat The cost will be around 35 soles (10 USD)
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Yoga Styles

  • Hatha yoga
  • Meditation


  • Art
  • Chanting
  • Cooking
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Guided tour
  • Hiking
  • Shamanic
  • Trekking


  • Garden
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Wifi

Daily Program

Kirtan, Class, Lunch, Class, Activity, Dinner, Meeting, Ceremony.


Qualified teacher of Religion, Culture, and Philosophy. Practicing medicine woman & educator. Manager of collective medicine process, the circle of women & Communications.


Project Director. Formed medicine man. Manager of the collective medicine process.


Jai Nitai
Experienced in spiritual community. Practicing medicine man & educator. Manager of texts & legal matters.


Qualified in Bio-Chemistry. Practicing medicine man. The leader of the collective medicine process & Natural Medicine Sector.




Skilled in Art & community management. Practicing medicine women & educator. The leader of the collective medicine process, the circle of women & Communications
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Period : All year round

Select a day in the calendar.


Cancellation Policies

Cancellation within 1 Day(s) before the date of arrival 20% will be charged.

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