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Explore France with your taste buds

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Explore France with your taste buds

When you think French cuisine, what comes to mind? Wine, cheese, and a long crispy baguette? This trinity is considered symbolic to the nation, especially by foreigners, but France has much more to offer on a plate. Authentic French cuisine is delectable; snails are actually quite delicious when the shells are filled with garlic butter.

With regional diversity, France has an extensive food culture. Depending upon where you travel to and through, you might find the yummiest cheeseburger or the freshest red snapper. We recommend you try at least one French meal, usually being served course by course, making it a cultural experience. After that, enjoy a variety of fun, creative eateries.

La Puix

Near Champagne, France, there is a semi-casual spot to grab delicious food, for a reasonable price. While it has a laid back vibe, there is a gourmet menu, if you want to be more elegant. The menu offers traditional French cuisine, like snails, if you would like to give it a try. They also have everything from cheese burgers, to freshly grilled sea bass, to tandoori chicken. While they offer ‘inputs’ or single dishes, they have many options for 3-course meals as well, which comes highly recommended.

If you have been tooling around with friends, sipping on Champagne all day, this is the perfect place to come for dinner.

To explore the menu.

To get there: 25 Place Drouet d’Erlon – 51100 Reims, France

To book a table ahead: +33 (0) 3 26 47 00 45

Poco Loco

This small, local spot whips up burgers and sandwiches near the peaks of Chamonix. This might be a great place to go for a quick bite after a day out at the slopes. Most of the time, you have to spend a little time waiting in line, but from what we hear, it is completely worthwhile!

While they create fabulous burgers and sandwiches, they also stay true to French roots with their crepe selection–perfecting both savory and sweet. If you want to grab a brew, you can do that here too, satisfying all of your deepest ‘pub desires’.

Explore more.

To get in contact: +33 4 50 53 43 03


This restaurant is housed in a historic beautiful building, just a short walk from the coast. It is a gourmet restaurant, so when going, be prepared to eat what is on the menu, as is. The chef’s are top notch, and it can be highly disrespectful to change their creative, thoughtful dish, unless you have certain allergies.

It is a fresh take on classic French cuisine; near the sea, seafood is always a good choice, of course. They are known for their veal cheeks, as well as the escargot.

To explore the menu.

To get here: 10 rue Massenet – 06000 Nice, France

To get in contact//reserve a table: 04 93 87 15 74

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