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Explore the Balearic White Island of Ibiza

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Explore the Balearic White Island of Ibiza

Anyone who has heard about Ibiza from the hit song by Mike Posner know that this beautiful Spanish Island off the country’s East coast is famous for its parties, clubs, dancing and techno music. Images of scantily-clad, vacationing college students probably come to mind accompanied by the beat of loud techno music and late night partying. And while the club scene of the island is worth a trip in itself, Ibiza has far more to offer than just the clubs and dancing. Outside of the well-frequented nightlife haunts, Ibiza features a whole list of UNESCO heritage sights and a bright, bubbling local culture that hold the hedonistic atmosphere of the rest of the island in sharp relief. Visitors can explore ancient Phoenician settlements, swim in crystalline waters, and go cliff jumping from remote rock formations. And of course, there’s always a party going on if any of this gets old!



Spanish and Eivissenc (the local dialect of Catalan)


Important dates in Ibiza

The important dates in Ibiza are mostly dependent on the local club and party schedule which changes every year. You can find an overview of big club events at this site:

Some important time periods are:

1. Opening Weekend

Usually held the last weekend in May, this is when the party scene really kicks off and is home to a ton of amazing parties with visitors eager to start off the disco season.

2. Radio 1 Weekend

Usually held the first weekend in August, this might be one of the island’s consistently biggest party weeks. It represents the peak of partying in Ibiza, and the atmosphere is probably as charged as it gets all year–as well as the crowds.

3. Closing Weekend

Usually held the first weekend in October, this signals the shutting (or slowing) down of the party season. With one last series of big parties as a sort of final huzzah, this can still be a very intense time to visit the white island.

Good to know

As a visitor, you will require a short stay visa or “Schengen” visa. The Schengen visa is the standard visa that is valid for all the 26 countries in the Schengen Area, including Spain. This short stay visa is issued for 90 days within a 180 day period from the date of first entry to the Schengen Area. The visa is issued for single entry or multiple entries. Please check the official Schengen websites for more up to date information – https://www.schengenvisa.cc

Culture and Etiquette in Ibiza

It is pretty understandable that the culture of Ibiza be heavily influenced by its reputation as the party capital of Europe. The culture of the island is very laid back and friendly as a whole, and since most locals are involved in the tourism industry it’s fair to say that the party is everywhere here. Expect to see tourists and locals walking around in swim suits, shorts and party attire, and don’t be surprised at late night noise and shenanigans going on all around. This is a wild holiday destination at its finest, especially in the summer season, so come prepared.

Otherwise, Ibiza is generally quite similar to the culture of Spain, and places great importance on their family life. Although traditionally children worked for their family businesses, the Spanish are very open and supportive of individual pursuits and the modern generation now happily pursue their own career aspirations.

Spain is an egalitarian society and both genders feature prominently at work and university.

The very well known cultural tradition ‘siesta’ is still practiced in most of the country. It is when workers and students go home during lunchtime for some downtime, rest and family time prior to returning to work. This practice originated to avoid midday heat and has remained popular to this day. The main religion in Spain is Catholic.

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