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Explore the many corridors of the United Kingdom

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Explore the many corridors of the United Kingdom

What do you want out of your trip? The United Kingdom has it. Sure, the weather is not the most optimal during certain times of the year. All the same, the culture that overflows from some of its biggest cities, like London enables a traveler to trip to 100’s of countries in one. In its international nature, London provides food, religion, and traditional from everywhere.

London is not nearly all the UK has to offer though; the union that makes up these four nations is laced with natural beauty, stretched from lush green land to the deep blue sea. Many places in Scotland provide beautiful cliff overhands, jetting out into the sea, giving gorgeous panos.

There are small splices of existing Roman culture, along with ancient ruins that still remain mysterious. Take a tour through the UK’s countryside to experience a less chaos and more traditional authenticity. Many of the villages live quaintly, giving a juxtapose to the Kingdom’s biggest cities.Both beautiful in their own way.

Certainly feel free to have your fair share of ‘pints’ while visiting, but do not spend all of your time in the pubs as the United Kingdom has much more to offer.


The UK, particularly London, is saturated with experiences that will make you feel like a queen or king. Some of the most monumental experiences are seen merely whilst walking the streets; breathe in the culture through architecture–stone buildings and high points. You should definitely visit Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. For being a semi-expensive city to travel to, London offers many history and art museums for free or for a small donation; take advantage of this opportunity to learn the history of this wonderful place.

Additionally, watch the Changing of the Guard and indulge in a traditional English afternoon tea at a luxury hotel. For those who like to put on their dancing shoes, clubbing in the UK is among the best experiences in the world. Go to East London to groove all night at a disco. If you want to stay up and out all night, there is a place for you!


Do not just marvel in the city life; take a trip to one of the oldest standing structures in the United Kingdom. Driving through this English countryside, a traveler will see many wooly sheep on the side of the road, behind small, wooden fences. It is a quaint scene of an English countryside.

In the midst of nearly nowhere, there are huge stone formations; built back in 3000 BC, Stonehenge stands as an incredible reminder of the human mind and infinite manpower. Most stones were hauled from miles and miles; some of them were discovered in Wales, another country in the UK. This sacred space was used for ceremonies and worship.

To explore Stonehenge

Fingal’s Cave

Said to have been created by ancient lava flow, this Scottish sea cave actually sits on the uninhabited island of Staffa. It’s intrigue is created by hexagonal shaped pillars lining the inside parts of the cave entrance. The natural geometrical beauty of Fingal’s Cave is unique to this part of the world. In Ireland, there is a similar formation which as perpetuated legends that a giant built a bridge to cross from Scotland to Ireland. Although we do not quite buy into that, we do believe you should check it out!

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