Exploring nature and culture in El Salvador

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Exploring nature and culture in El Salvador

The smallest, most densely populated country in Central America, El Salvador packs in a population of over 6 million. From indigenous tribal living to massive colonalism, El Salvador has seen many shifts in power, culture, and way of life.

Now, the nation is seeing massive industrialization, while still keeping a hold of a more simplistic way of life. Its known as having some of the best surfing spots in Central America along its Pacific Coast. As you travel around its winding roads into the mountains, there are visible coffee farms stacked on the hillsides. It is known internationally for its coffee beans, just as much as it is known for its sweet hiking spots.

Getting lost in the adventure, it is quite possible that you will stumble upon a waterfall or drive up an inactive volcano. The landscape of El Salvador is endless, and it is a place that truly speaks to any type of traveler.

Coatepeque Caldera

Lake Coatepeque is basically a large crater filled to a lake, surrounded by wooded hills in western El Salvador. Nearby, The Congo is its gateway village. In the lake’s southwest corner is Teopán Island, a sacred site for the ancient Mayan Tribes. The Cerro Verde National Park is crossed by a network of trails, to the southwest. The Santa Ana Volcano and Izalco Volcano tower over the landscape to offer gorgeous panoramic views over the lake.
Elevation : 746 m


Tazumal is located in Chalchuapa, El Salvador. It consists of pre-Columbian Maya architecture. The city itself is known for its mesoamerican history, so it is a sacred space, thought to be embedded with traditional culture, often times linked with native spirituality and wisdom.

San Salvador Cathedral

This is the largest Roman Catholic church in the country. Without surprise, it is located in the nation’s capital. Holding tears, mourning, and memories both sad and joyous, this Cathedral stands with history, having experienced some of El Salvador’s roughest times. Post-El Salvadorian war, it remains a symbol of strength, guidance, faith and hope.

Museo de Arte de El Salvador

The Art Museum of El Salvador interweaves the dark history of this country with light expression from its inhabitance. The expression of contemporary art will allow you to follow the journey of tyranny, war, and eventually, liberation, freedom, and equality. A tour around is only $1.50 on weekdays, and the collection is free to the public on Sundays.

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