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Extra! Extra! Read All About It: BookingYoga Launches Ambassador Program

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It: BookingYoga Launches Ambassador Program

We are proud to announce that our family is growing! Yes, we have launched our first BookingYoga.com (BY) Ambassador program. The program is designed to expand our community and share the BookingYoga love with travellers and yogi’s all over the world.

The program is a wonderful way to build a strong network that we can love, follow and trust. Our Ambassadors are beautiful people who express their passion in a unique and creative way through blog content, Instagram photos, YouTube videos and the like, and we are excited for them to share their love with ours.

We have a strong vision whereby our BY website evolves to become a community platform, a platform to connect and engage without each others over yoga, travel, spirituality, health and wellbeing (and anything and anywhere else that our dreams expand to). We see an opportunity to share ideas, inspiration, photos, videos and most of all love ♥ through blog content and discussion, combined with social media platforms.

So, what is BookingYoga.com??

For those who haven’t yet caught on, BookingYoga.com is your “go to” source for easily booking unique Yoga Retreats or Teacher Trainings all over the planet. We are dedicated to being not only your compass for a variety of yoga retreats, teacher trainings, alternative medicine retreats and festivals but also your reference for quality wellness experiences to suit your needs. We secure bookings for retreat operators and help connect people (travellers) with the perfect retreat to suit their personal needs.

We aim to offer the best service at the best available price to travellers and help organisers successfully develop and promote their business. We are a global business, offering events all over the world.

Our BookingYoga.com team is made up of travellers, yoga students and teachers from all over the world; therefore are experts in this field. The business has a strong vision to bring the knowledge and experience of like-minded people to look after the BY network of hosts, travellers and followers, not only during their retreat experience but also before and after. We strive to create interesting articles, videos, posts, recipes and teachers advice on yoga, health and wellbeing, that you can take to your home and workplace, as well as carry for life.

We are proud to announce our first BY Ambassador; Coelia Pelletier. Coelia is a certified Yoga teacher and joins the BY community with a strong background in not only yoga, but also rhythmic gymnastics. Having spent over 20 years practicing rhythmic gymnastics at a competition level she beholds tremendous discipline, a strong ethics of hard work and dedication, and great body awareness including flexibility and endurance. Coelia’s journey to yoga has taken her to new heights, new ways of being and with 500 hours (soon to be more) of training, she joins us to share her skills and experience not just in yoga, but in life and we are so excited to welcome her into the family, to share our love and passion to lead positive, fulfilling and happy lives through yoga practice and travel. To read more about Coelia, visit our BYAmbassador page on BookingYoga.

Want to join the BY family???

Visit our Ambassador page to read more about the BYAmbassador philosophy , or contact social@bookingyoga.com for information about the great benefits our BYAmbassador program has to offer.

Namaste x

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