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Retreat Insider: Iyengar Yoga Retreat, Italy

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Retreat Insider: Iyengar Yoga Retreat, Italy

One year ago, I discovered yoga at yoga school in my home town. I thought to myself “Wow, this is so cool, I’ve found an activity that changes my body and makes me feel so light”. After some time and some discussion about “What is yoga ? What is it for ? is for my mind? My work? Or is it a work out?.” All these questions have an answer, but I wanted to find out these answers by myself. So, I did it by visiting a yoga retreat. The yoga retreat was located in the prettiest country in the world, Italy. More precisely in the mountains , at a place called In Sabina. To be honest, I was freaking out at first. But now I feel so different; more strong, more patient, and I think I now know what “Living” means.

The retreat went for 6 days, organised on the following program:

7.30 am : breathing exercises
9.00 am : yoga class
11.00 am : brunch
4.30 pm : restorative yoga class
7.00 pm : dinner
9.00 pm : meditation

Everything was so good; nice people, pretty place, good vegetarian food and tea (served all day, with fresh and dried fruits). We had many very special moments and were like a family by the third day.

The retreat was in the mountains; on a property which was so cosy with a very big yard which had so many trees and fruit trees. All yoga rooms were located outside with such nice views, and chilling by the pool in the afternoons was very pleasant.

Now, let’s speak about the teacher – Susannah! Susannah taught Iyengar yoga and was the best Iyengar teacher. She concentrates on details and after some exercises she knew about the different diseases and ailments of each student. I felt very secure and comfortable, and this is very important for me. Day after day, we followed a program step by step. For example, on Monday we worked on our legs with bending legs positions, and on Thursday we practiced back bends. I learned so many things concerning yoga, my body and my mind.

My conclusion is that this yoga retreat made me understand what life really is, and here is my summary:

“First, you are born through breathing exercises; Then, you work hard to improve your life (represented through yoga class in the mornings); You eat good quality and healthy foods. At retreat, we were served a delicious and healthy brunch and dinner; You take time to release and to relax by participating in restorative class and; finally, you observe what you’ve done, you evaluate it and you focus on your purpose – to feel happy through meditation.” – With love, Fettoum x

Check out our video production of this gorgeous 8 Day Yoga Village retreat in Italy.

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