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Flit around the Philippines: Things to Do While You’re There

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Flit around the Philippines: Things to Do While You’re There

The Philippines is a country with a colorful past. With both Spanish and American influences making its mark on these lands, the architecture, arts, cuisine, and sights inform travelers of governments past. Though the Philippines is famous for its tropical white beaches, coconuts and turquoise waters as well as the rolling green rice terraces further inland, each island or location within the country will offer a different experience. Head to the cities for a view into the bustling lifestyle of the city dwellers, and head out to the farmlands for an authentic look at the humble lifestyle of locals. No matter where you go, hospitality and friendliness is common throughout the whole country.

Visit Beautiful Mixed- Influence Homes 

The Spanish and American influences in Filipino culture runs deep and is evident in the country’s day to day. Because of the mixed influences, there is a high concentration of heritage and arts attractions in Manila, Bohol and IloIlo. 
 For interior decor and cultural appreciation inspiration, the beautiful traditional home in IloIlo, Camina Balay nga Bato or ‘House by the River’ is one to visit. In Bohol there is Clarin Hous, only if you are in the area. In Cebu, is a wonderfully preserved historical house in a functioning warehouse, the Jesuit House.

Visit the Former Home of a Philippino President, a Spanish-rule era Fort, and a Fine Arts Collection all in one Day! 

Staying in the city? You can visit the Quezon Heritage House in Manila, it is of neo-classical American style, home of the former Philippines president Manuel Quezon. A visit to Fort Santiago for those who are interested in the history of Philippines struggle for independence under Spanish rule.

There is a wonderful fine arts collection to linger at the Museum of Fine Arts, the Vargas Museum and the Ayala Museum, all in Manila.

Visit Manila, Phillipines for Beautiful Churches

A religiously devout nation, there is a church on every corner – if you are short on time the must visits are the San Augustin, Minor Basilica St Lorenzo Ruiz and the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, all in Manila.

Sip up the Sunshine at Boracay Beach

Boracay, the top tourist destination and known to most, is all that is hyped up to be with the beautiful stretches of white tropical sandy beaches, bars, restaurants, diving and snorkelling spots.

Get Your Adventure- Tan on in Palawan

Palawan, second only in popularity in places to visit in the Philippines but clearly more beautiful, it is no longer a hidden secret. One of the best spots for scuba diving in the world with the clearest water, colourful coral, abundant unique wildlife and shipwreck ecosystems, it is little wonder this destination is fast eclipsing Boracay. An active yogi and nature-lover will truly appreciate Palawan, island-hop for a full day in Honda Bay, discover the truly unique UNESCO registered underground river in Puerto Princesa, snorkel, canoe or dive in one of the many lagoons at Coron and at last chill out with a cocktail in hand in one of the white-sanded beaches through out the island.

See a Stunning Vastness of 2000 year old Rice Terraces 

For a change of scenery but no less stunning, the 2000 year old mud-walled Banaue rice terraces are accessible from Manila and can be incredibly educational if you have the time to speak to the local people.

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