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For When A Yogi’s Gotta Eat in New York City

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For When A Yogi’s Gotta Eat in New York City

For all of our food-lovin’ Yogis and Yoginis out there, whose expression gets a little far-away when thinking about what they are going to eat for lunch, and plan their next meal while they are still eating the current one, and what they ate is always the first thing they mention when telling friends about a trip, this page is for you.

New York City has unlimited options. From street vendor hot dogs to fancy vegan restaurants, you will be able to find whatever you are looking for here! Let your palate taste the best of what the city has to offer!

superiority burger New York

Superiority Burger

Operating with a healthy dose of humility this little shop is making a big impact. Superiority Burger offers a small collection of salads and burgers that are all vegetarian and “probably accidentally vegan.” They are located in the East Village. They offer gelato and sorbet but you will have to stop by in person to find out their flavors of the day. Visit their website here.

Taim New York


Three types of Falafels. Sandwiches. Platters. Salads. Spreads. Sides. Smoothies. Desserts. YES. PLEASE. Open seven days a week and suitable for takeout after a long day of yoga and sightseeing! Check out their website for more information.

Avant Garden New York

Avant Garden

With a mission to make the world a healthier, environmentally cleaner, and all-around more respectful place one dish at a time, socially conscious Yogi’s will be in good company. Avant Garden has a unique selection of hot and cold menu items all focused on letting the primary ingredients- vegetables- be the stars of the show. Dinner hours begin at 5:00 PM and reservations are available through their website.

Heath New York


A serious farm-to-table eatery, Hearth sources all of its ingredients from local farmers. Sweeteners come from real foods like honey and dates, meats are carefully chosen and never have antibiotics or hormones, and flours and polentas are milled on site each day. Where else can you find a restaurant that treats its customers like family and its ingredients like the crown gems they are? Operating hours are from 6 PM onwards Sunday – Thursday and brunch on the weekend from 11-2. Visit the website here.

Ellary's Greens New York

Ellary’s Greens

Started by a mom looking for a healthy food source for herself and her children, Ellary’s Greens has grown into a thriving business focused on nourishing its customers. Ellarys’s has vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free offerings. Her Uptown and Downtown locations serve appetizers, entrees, brunch, desserts, and cocktails. They even have a happy hour. For a list of the local vendors that support Ellary’s, check out the website.

The Organic grill New York

The Organic Grill

99.9% of the menu is sustainably sourced- to the point where they even have a Kitchen Sink Burger to prevent any waste in the kitchen. Breakfast is served all day, Kombucha is available by the glass or growler, and icons denote entrée dietary factors (soy free, dairy free, etc.). More details here!

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