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From Skyscrapers to Waterfalls, Taiwan has got it all

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From Skyscrapers to Waterfalls, Taiwan has got it all

This magical, green island is full of beauty and sophistication. In 1542, Portuguese sailors named it Ilha Formosa – Beautiful island. The Taiwanese people created a liberal society and a tolerant religious culture. Also, the best of Asian cuisine is found here in Taiwan. Last but not least, the climate is marine tropical. Now yes, you are ready to go! Your yoga holiday in Taiwan will be a gorgeous blend of old and new, tradition and industrialization, yoga and freedom!

Taiwan is full of an eclectic mix of bustling cities and beautiful landscapes, all jammed into one small island off the coast of China. The island is immensely dense in terms of attractions, and in the same day visitors can awe at huge skyscrapers and marvel at huger waterfalls. There’s so many things to do in Taiwan, we had a hard time putting it all into a single article, but hopefully you can read on to find out some of the top attractions of this amazing island!

Taipei 101

One of the most recognizable landmarks is located in Taiwan’s capital city, the Taipei 101 in the Xinyi District, featuring an open-air observation area for a magnificent view of the city.

Taipei Confucius Temple

Interested the mysteries of the wise, Confucius? The Taipei Confucius Temple is perfect for the curious adult and child alike, this gorgeous temple caters for all ages. Should you be there on a 28th of September, this is the day that Confucius’ birthday is celebrated and a ceremony takes place starting at 6am.

Jiu Fen Old Street

Step back in time and be delighted by Jiu Fen Old Street. Previously only occupied by nine families prior to the roads being built, hence the name which translates to ‘nine portions.’

Taipei National Palace Museum

If every country has a must-visit museum, in Taiwan the National Palace Museum is it. A beautifully curated display of bronze, jade, pottery, crafts, historic artifacts and writings.

Gold Ecological Park

Just outside Taipei is the Gold Ecological Park, it is rich in natural, historical and cultural resources. Providing information on the gold-mining and educational looks on the lives of the miners. This is truly a must-visit should you wish to learn about environmental and geological characteristics of the region, as it is the first ecologically focused museum of it’s kind.

Taroko Gorge and National Park

An amazing vertical valley awaits for thew hiking enthusiasts at the Taroko Gorge and National Park. Offering plenty of trails with the most popular being the Swallow Grotto Trail, Baiyang Trail, Shakdang Trail, Zhuiiu Old Trail and plenty more for you to discover yourself.

Elephant Mountain

Another one for the hikers and nature-lovers is the Elephant Mountain, with splendid views of Taipei but not before you climb 1054 steps. This should be an easy climb 15-20 minute climb, so don’t let this deter you, the trail and the view is rewarding.

Golden Waterfall

The Ying Yang Sea is a beautifully mix of blue and yellow near the Ecological Gold Park, if you visit the Golden Waterfall you will be treated to a magnificent view of this natural creation.

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