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Get lost in the sauce: American classics collide with veg-head delights

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Get lost in the sauce: American classics collide with veg-head delights

The United States food culture is an eclectic blend; taking every ethnicity imaginable with heritage-filled history and infusing it with a modern ideology of ‘all things big’, the USA has come to have one of the most diverse food cultures on earth. It is difficult to pinpoint what really is an ‘All-American food’. The cuisine is a mash up of all nations, twisted around the perception of what it means to ‘eat like an American’.

As much grease as it can have, the cuisine holds the same amount of fresh greens, depending upon where you travel to. Each piece of the map, each region is made up of its own unique breath.

In The South, fried food is customary; the idea of ‘soul food’ was born through the history of slavery, as African-Americans would stew up the leftover bits into magical meals that fed many.

The East is made up of fresh, seafood from the coast, and in New York City, well you can find any cultural food you would desire. Of course, each variety of ethnic food will come with a side of ‘American’, served in bigger portions than the true native country.

The West is also fresh, with the easy access to seafood; being so close to the Mexico-USA border, much of the cuisine has found its way north with the beautiful people who have brought it. Texas has its own way of infusing native foods from farms with that of Mexico, creating a ‘tex-mex’ culture that satisfies native and foreign taste buds, alike.

Midwest cooking is ‘down home’, anything available on that particular day. As it gets chillier up north, more stewed meats and potatoes are appropriate, especially during the winter when it is not growing season for fresh vegetables.

Ultimately, depending upon where you travel will create the reality of what you eat. Usually, a good burger can be found anywhere, as fresh ground beef circulates rapidly across the country, every single day.

Look for the local restaurants that will give you the authentic experience of whatever town or region you find yourself in. Many people in the United States use google to speak their mind, so check on the reviews, but do not let it deter you from trying something unexplored.

Superiority Burger

Operating with a healthy dose of humility this little shop is making a big impact. Most people come to the United States craving a classic cheeseburger; it is kind of what the USA is known for. Taking tradition, Superiority Burger puts a vegetable spin on it. This small space offers a petite collection of salads and burgers that are all vegetarian and probably accidentally vegan. They are located in the East Village. They offer gelato and sorbet but you will have to stop by in person to find out their flavors of the day.

Explore more.

Craig’s Clam Shop

When in Maine, you must eat clams. Maine is known for the tasty clams; most people think about a steaming bowl of clam chowder, as well. Craig’s Clam Shop has good food, with large servings that will be sure to fill your belly. This is a favorite local spot, with a seafood centric menu. Not the healthiest, yet most definitely, one of the most delicious. If you are on a diet, you can substitute the famous onion rings or fries for a veggie, but if we were you, we would not want to miss out!

Discover the clam mecca of Maine

Eden in Eden 

You will find a variety of foods on this menu, that will be sure to satisfy you and your mates. While a few meat items are on the menu, this restaurant fashions itself as a vegetarian cafe, a space where plant-based eaters can confidently go, knowing that they will get more than a mere side salad. The chef is from France, and in that, places a large emphasis on natural and organic foods, which is not necessarily the tradition of his native cuisine. In many ways, Eden in Eden is a frontier, eloquently mashing buttery french flavors with a more holistic approach. There are vegan items available also (such as a vegan croissant, yum!).

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