Get to know Spain, the country of yoga and sunshine

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Get to know Spain, the country of yoga and sunshine

A zest for fiestas, sunshine, culinary feasts and poignant arts might be the reason why you are here. In fact, a yoga holiday in Spain will stir your soul. Allow Spain to undress you from the old blues and dress you up with the vibrant attires of passion, sophistication and devotion towards your inner light. Yoga and surf, yoga and horse riding, yoga and wine tasting are only a few of the combinations you can expect. Celebrate life with a yoga holiday in Spain, the place where anything can happen.

Spain, the exotic country of the European region – passionate, vibrant, friendly and world-famous fiesta lifestyle yet still encapsulating Europe’s history. Famous not only for the grand architecture in it’s cities but also it’s wildly awesome cave and cliff walks along the coast. Culinary experiences are a part of the culture, experiment, enjoy and mingle in the daily life that is, Spain.





Important dates in Spain

  • January 1 – New Years Day
  • January 2 – New Years Holiday
  • February 28 – Andaluci Day (Andalucia only)
  • March 1 – Balearic Islands
  • March 20 – St Joseph’s Day Holiday
  • April 13 – Maundy Thursday
  • April 14 – Friday before Easter Sunday
  • April 17 – Easter Monday
  • April 24 – St George’s Holiday
  • May 1 – Labour Day
  • May 2 – Community Festival of Madrid (Madrid only)
  • May 15 – Feast of St Isidro
  • May 17 – Galician Literature Day
  • May 30 – Canary Islands
  • May 31 – Castilla-La-Mancha
  • June 9 – La Rioja & Murcia
  • June 15 – Corpus Christi
  • June 24 – Feast of St John the Baptist (Catalonia only)
  • July 25 – St James Day
  • August 15 – Assumption Day
  • September 1 – Aid El Kebir
  • September 2 – Ceuta Day
  • September 8 – Day of Asturias, Day of Extremadura
  • September 11 – Catalonia
  • September 15 – Lady of Aparecida
  • October 9 – Valencian Community Day
  • October 12 – Hispanic Day
  • November 1 – All Saints Day
  • November 9 – Our Lady of Almudena (Madrid only)
  • December 3 – Feast of St Francis Xavier
  • December 6 – Constitution Day
  • December 8 – Immaculate Conception Day
  • December 25 – Christmas Day

Interesting facts

  • Euskera, is one of the oldest living languages in the world, spoken in the Basque country
  • Spain did not officially participate in WWI and WWII, despite being one of the largest and powerful countries in the world
  • Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after Chinese.

Good to know

As a visitor, you will require a short stay visa or “Schengen” visa. The Schengen visa is the standard visa that is valid for all the 26 countries in the Schengen Area, including Spain. This short stay visa is issued for 90 days within a 180 day period from the date of first entry to the Schengen Area. The visa is issued for single entry or multiple entries. Please check the official Schengen websites for more up to date information –

Culture and Etiquette in Spain

The Spanish place great importance on their family life and form a basis to their social life. Although traditionally children worked for their family businesses, the Spanish are very open and supportive of individual pursuits and the modern generation now happily pursue their own career aspirations.

Spain is an egalitarian society and both genders feature prominently at work and university.

The very well known cultural tradition ‘siesta’ is still practiced in most of the country. It is when workers and students go home during lunchtime for some downtime, rest and family time prior to returning to work. This practice originated to avoid midday heat and has remained popular to this day. Madrid and Barcelona have largely phased this out.

The main religion in Spain is Catholic.


Think stylish yet conservative; though an open society, the conservatism stems from their beliefs and religiousness. A more laid-back, shorts and sandals are perfectly fine for the beach and coasts however around town or the city areas, you’ll notice locals dress conservatively.

Practice modesty when visiting religious sites by ensuring your clothing covers – shoulders and thighs.

Like a lot of Europe, Spain has an eye for fashion and you will stick out like a tourist, if you walk around with shorts, casual t-shirts or sweatshirts.

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