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Good to know about Sydney

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Good to know about Sydney

In a land where kangaroos are as prevalent as deer are in the Americas, there is plenty to keep a traveler entertained. If you traveling to Australia, even with intent to adventure out in ‘The Bush’, there is a good chance you will land in Sydney. On your visit to the land of Oz, there will be plenty to occupy an urban yogis taste being the pre-eminent city of the nation.




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Important dates in Sydney

  • January 26 (Australia Day) – This holiday signifies the first fleet that landed on the landmass in 1788. It is characterized by hanging out at the beach, spending time with friends, barbecuing, celebrating, topped off by a night filled with fireworks. In center city, there are extravagant parades.
  • End of February- First Saturday of March (Sydney Mardi Gras) – They party just as hard as any other city during Mardi Gras. Sydney brings in the French style, with beads, bright colors, streamers, and a unique twist. It too celebrates the liberation of expression and the intense pride of the LGBT community. Though, people of all sexual preferences and walks of life show up to enjoy the global festivities.

Keep in Mind

Sydney being a massive city, sprawling into 10 different districts, there really is not a city center. Nearly 12,400 square kilometers awaits you on your adventure, but it is best to take public transit. There is nearly no way you could walk, or even run to the next distract, so be prepared, planned, and equipped with a map and good communication skills, so you can maneuver the city more easily.

Must See Places in Sydney

While The British Colonial history is obvious when wandering the Central Business Districts (CBD), it is still embedded with scatterings of well-preserved sandstone buildings. In a way, it is representative of Sydney’s rocky, dry terrain.

As a space for educating tourists and locals alike, Sydney provides historical museums like The Hyde Park Barracks Museum. The Barracks Museum is a lasting breath of the convict culture that first existed in Australia, as Great Britain would ship felons to spend their lives with other criminals, as a way of punishment. The Barracks were built by a convict architecture to house other convict men and boys. Quite an interesting observation of old-age Australian ‘culture’.

Another must see is The Rocks Discovery Museum. The Rocks will give you a beautiful visual walk-through, as they cross over one of Syndey’s most recognized harbors. If you head towards the water during the walk through The Rocks, you may arrive at Circular Quay, where the ferries pick-up and drop off passengers. Still a well-used form of transportation by locals, it is also a cost effective way to admire the beautiful harbor for visitors.

If you’re not afraid of heights and would like a different view of the city, Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is a fun, unique experience. Once atop, you are offered unparalleled views of this gorgeous harbor city.

Sydney-siders have a keen interest in arts and culture so keep an eye out for Events throughout the city, especially in the Spring and Summer. To name a few: Sydney Fringe Fest, Night Noodle Markets and the Good Food Month.
 The Vivid Light Show, held in the winter, is magnificent. The city lights up with art light installations in various places throughout.

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